No longer will motorists on Trinity Road have to turn around because an 18-wheeler has gotten stuck on the narrow, winding road.

On Tuesday, mirroring an ordinance passed by the Napa County Board of Supervisors in June, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors banned semis over 38 feet long on Trinity Road between Highway 12 and the Napa County line.

There are currently “Trucks with trailers not recommended” advisory signs located on both state Highway 12 approaches, the entry to Trinity Road from Highway 12 and the intersection of Oakville Grade and Dry Creek Road. The advisory sign is not enforceable and doesn’t allow for citations to be issued to truckers who disregard the sign and become disabled, other than the specific costs associated with extricating the vehicle.

The county’s Transportation and Public Works staff have been working with the Napa County Public Works staff, the California Highway Patrol from both the Sonoma and Napa area offices, in addition to local residents and the Mayacamas Volunteer Fire Department to address long vehicles becoming stuck attempting to negotiate the narrow winding sections of Trinity Road and Dry Creek Road (Napa County) between Highway 12 (SR-12) and Mount Veeder Road (Napa County). The road has several sharp curves where vehicles have become wedged and in a couple cases ultimately tipped over. These unfortunate occurrences have resulted in the closing of the roadway for several hours while the vehicles are up-righted and/or escorted off the roadway.

The existing advisory signs at Highway 12, Trinity Road, Sonoma/Napa County line and the intersection of Veeder Road and Dry Creek Road will be replaced with regulatory signage notifying drivers of the length restriction. The establishment of the vehicle length restriction will allow for enforcement agencies to assesses citations and fines in addition to the cost of extrication.