Events on campus at Altimira Middle School now feature food harvested the same day from its production garden. Pictured here with an appetizer made from the garden’s tomatoes are Dutch VanHerwynen who oversees the horticulture program, and Kimberly Webber, who works full-time coordinating garden initiatives at the school. Students in the program are introduced to sustainable greenhouse and nursery practices, landscape design, pruning, and fruit/vegetable production. All fall, they have offered weekly vegetable baskets and flower arrangements to paying customers. Next up? The school’s four horticulture classes have begun filming a series of videos of gardening tips which will eventually be posted online on the schools’ website. They will be sharing what they are doing at each time of the year in the garden. The students are using iPads to do the filming and are taking turns writing the segments, appearing in camera, filming and editing the videos.