At last month’s Springs Community Alliance Town Hall meeting, a number of ideas were presented that the group will consider.

The group will mull some of the proposals and more when it meets at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 14, at the Sonoma Valley Grange Hall, 18627 Sonoma Highway.

Among the ideas were:

• A central hub or plaza in the Springs.

• Take actions against gang activity.

• Conducting a multi-faceted “Clean Up the Springs” campaign.

• Improving Larsen Park.

• Facade improvements for businesses.

• An outreach campaign to promote awareness of existing health and wellness programs.

More than 50 Springs residents attended last month’s meeting as the participants broke up into smaller groups to concentrate on Youth and Family; Safety; Business; Community Identity; Beautification; and Health and Wellness.

“A lot of great ideas for projects that would improve the quality of life in the Springs came out of these breakout sessions,” said Rich Lee, the group’s vice chair. “So what’s next? That’s the question we’ll start trying to answer at this month’s meeting.”

Lee said anyone interested in learning more and following up on the ideas and projects identified at the October Springs Town Hall Meeting is welcome and encouraged to attend. The public is invited.