Trekking along with Kirk, Jack London and Commander Tuvok

Not a Trekkie, nor a Trekker be. This was advice someone once gave me at the outset of my love life. They needn’t have bothered. I was part of that cultural shift that occurred when “Star Wars” came along and absorbed the collective attention of an entire generation for anything with “star” in the title.

Besides, “Star Trek” with its humanist themes and nifty moralizing was distinctly grown-up fare and something I wouldn’t come to appreciate until I was older. Like wine and women.

At the time, my only familiarity with wine, women and Trek was in the form of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” jugs of Almaden wine at family dinner parties and the teenage girls who lived next door who were smitten with some alien life form called Shaun Cassidy.

Clearly, this was not an auspicious introduction, but I eventually figured it all out. Except the Shaun Cassidy part.

That said, “Star Trek” remained something of a cypher. But if you sit long enough in one place, the whole world will pass, including the Starship Enterprise.

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