Editor, Index-Tribune:

The future of Sonoma County wildlife depends upon us all. As their habitat is destroyed, wildlife must deal with more hazards.

Wildlife Fawn Rescue is searching for responsible Sonoma County homeowners with remote acreage to set up an out-shelter facility in which to raise four fawns each year.

Fawns are raised in this natural habitat by the homeowner. Rescued fawns are stabilized at WFR headquarters, then transferred to these out-shelters where they are raised for four months. Once they are weaned, recognize their natural foods, and are prepared to survive in the wild, the gate is opened and they are free to live in the surrounding territory.

Training is provided by our animal-care coordinator, and all expenses are assumed by WFR.

We need you. If you can help, please call WFR at 931-4550 for further details.

Marjorie Davis

President, WFR

Board of directors, Sonoma