Editor, Index-Tribune:

Despite the fact Mr. Anderson’s bid to build a hotel is in limbo, the Index-Tribune is full of articles for and against Measure B. Yet no one has mentioned the advantage of the hotel contributing to our economy, aside from the TOT. I predicted a few months ago that the proposal and exercise of this petition would divide the town and unfortunately lead to the development of Measure B, which has created contention and rhetorical warfare.

I no longer have access to email, but a few days ago was given an article devoted to an expose of Darius Anderson. It was published on the “Patch” and proved to me that Sonoma is a small town with small minds. It hasn’t really grown, but it has changed.

I can’t predict the results of this election, but I am convinced Darius Anderson is mature enough to accept defeat with the same courage he approached the project.

Marilyn Sylvestri