First District Supervisor Susan Gorin and the Sonoma County Human Services Department will host a workshop on Thursday, Nov. 14, for Sonoma Valley community-based organizations to learn about the prevention-focused Upstream Investments initiative and how their organizations can participate in creating community change.

The workshop will take place from 2 to 5 p.m. at La Luz Center, 17560Greger St.

Sponsoring workshop partners include the Sonoma County Community Foundation, the Sonoma Valley Fund, the Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce, and Sonoma Health Action.

Sonoma County is leading an initiative aimed at eliminating poverty and ensuring equal opportunity for quality education and good health in nurturing home and community environments. The Upstream Investments policy focuses on encouraging nonprofits and public agencies to participate in three primary strategies: investing early, by dedicating resources to prevention-focused policies and interventions for all stages of life; investing wisely, by selecting evidence-based programs ensuring the highest possible likelihood of success; and investing together, by focusing on shared targets and measures to maximize the collective impact of services.

Since Upstream Investments was launched three years ago, 63 programs offered by 73 different Sonoma County organizations have been recognized for providing evidence-informed, prevention-focused programs with inclusion in the Portfolio of Model Upstream Programs.

For information regarding Upstream Investments, visit For additional information or to register for the Nov. 14, workshop, call Joni Thacher at 565-8797 or email by Nov. 8. Interested participants are encouraged to register early, as space is limited.