Last month, Altimira Middle School hosted a group of two dozen senior education officials from Japan who traveled to America to learn about U.S. career and technical education (CTE) programs for school age children. According to the visitors, in recent years, Japan has shifted its emphasis from straight academics (and job preparation solely at the point of graduation) to lifelong choices and life skills. They were eager to observe and learn about Altimira’s career education programs. With the help of a translator, Altimira Principal Will Deeths and career coordinator Susan Little answered such questions as: how is career planning addressed on a daily basis in the American school system; how does career planning relate to the subjects being taught at school; and how are students encouraged to explore careers outside of school and the classroom? Pictured are a few of the Japanese visitors with Altimira eighth-grader Maysa Pha and seventh-grader Andrea Molina and Deeths (end) in front of the globe in the school library.