In Wednesday’s Sonoma County League dual-meet finales at the Maxwell Farms Regional Park course, the Sonoma Valley High School varsity cross-country boys needed to win for a second-place finish and to remain in the SCL title hunt, while sophomore standout Madeline Libbey set the pace for young girl runners.

Despite senior Owen Ljung’s rare second-place finish on Sonoma’s 2.7-mile home course, where he’s usually victorious, he led the Dragon boys to a 24-32 league win over El Molino and keeps them on the tail of frontrunning Piner going into the SCL finals.

Following Ljung’s second place in 15 minutes, 9 seconds, were senior Christian Martinez’s fourth-place finish in 15:44; senior Keegan Ginter’s fifth place in 15:45; freshman Leonardo Macedonio’s sixth in 16:30; junior Ian Sloop’s seventh in 16:45; sophomore Trevor Martinelli’s 10th in 18:06; sophomore Pablo Cruz’s 13th in 19:30; and frosh Austin Phillips’ 14th in 19:44.

In the girls’ race, the Lady Dragons nipped El Molino 27-29 led by Libbey’s first-place finish in 18:20; frosh Maddie Cashel’s third place in 20:12; senior Jocelyn Mondragon’ fourth in 21:32; frosh Sofia Serbicki’s eighth in 22:34; frosh Crystal Rodriguez’s 11th in 23:34; frosh Maggie Luque’s 12th in 23:47; frosh Lidia Garcia’s 14th in 25:31; frosh Andrea Correa’s 16th in 25:33; and frosh Emma Rochlin’s 17th in 26:28.

Sonoma’s second-place boys’ and third-place girls’ teams, directed by head coach John Litzenberg and assistant coach Julie Niehaus, will compete in the SCL championship meets on Saturday, Nov. 9, at the Spring Lake course in Santa Rosa.