Editor, Index-Tribune:

This is in response to a letter to the editor in the Oct. 29 Index-Tribune in which the writer says, “I trust local officials.”

We can’t trust them, and here is just one example why. The Sonoma General Plan spells out that one use that is not appropriate for the Broadway corridor is a tavern. When music permits for a tavern-like establishment were sought, the neighbors wisely opposed this. The decision of the Planning Commission granting a permit was appealed to the City Council by the neighbors, who would be adversely impacted, but the decision of the Planning Commission was upheld. While HopMonk has not been the nightmare that Emmy’s was, the loud music disturbs people who live near it (something carefully considered in the General Plan) and the Planning Commission ignored letters from them when they spoke up about the renewal of the music permit.

Many good folk contributed to the General Plan, but the City Council and Planning Commission have seen fit to ignore what is in it. We need a “yes” on B for something in place that they can’t ignore.

Kassandra Miller