Editor, Index-Tribune:

For those opponents of Measure B who don’t think that its defeat will forever impact the future of Sonoma, think again. I encourage those who plan to vote “no” to take a hard look at who is behind the negative and misleading rhetoric that has colored the campaign to defeat B. Big money, that’s who. Slogans like, “protect your voice,” “B will increase traffic” and, “B will increase taxes,” are designed to confuse voters with deceptive spin. Really? Have you no shame? The defeat of Measure B will mean that developers and big money get their way and they want you, the citizen, to believe that it is for your own good and the good of your children, with its promise of job creation and an increase in revenues for the city. Don’t be fooled into drinking the Kool Aid being offered to you by the vote “no” campaign.

This measure is about preserving Sonoma as a town with rich ethnic and economic diversity. Vote “yes” on B and don’t let yourself be seduced by fears of the 1 percent.

Peter Coster