Editor, Index-Tribune:

I was driving around town today, kind of counting the election signs and I saw a new one that said something like, “Stops big hotels.”

I thought about that for a while and, since I’ve traveled a bit, I got to wondering what the range in hotel sizes actually is.

When I got home, I asked Google: How many rooms in an average hotel? There were, of course, a great number of results.

One of the results came from statisticbrain.com. They provided a table from which I copied this information: The average number of rooms in full-service hotels is 290 with an average 66 percent occupancy.

The average number of rooms in limited-service hotels is 114 with 68.4 percent occupancy.

Based on this limited query, a hotel with 59 rooms doesn’t seem to constitute a “big” hotel. Thought folks might like to know.

Dave Brummett, Ed.D.