Editor, Index-Tribune:

I feel the necessity to write a letter to my fellow Sonomans about Measure B, which stops large hotels from development within city limits. I feel that the whole issue is being distorted through the efforts of the few.

The Sanders, Brown, Rouse and Cook Op-Ed in the Oct. 29 Index-Tribune, as well as an avalanche of “No on B” mailers recently, combined with a preponderance of selected letters to the I-T in the “Pulse of the Public” section, create a mood or feeling that there is some sort of stampede to crush Measure B.

Let’s be fair and reasonable. As the Sanders, et. al., Op-Ed stressed, “Over all, we have spent millions of dollars promoting the region as a tourist destination.” This says volumes about the intentions of the blindly-driven Chamber of Commerce mentality, and what they have in mind for our town. They must see Sonoma as an ATM machine, which they plan to tap as often as possible.

Don’t let that happen! Please vote “yes” on Measure B.

Bob Mosher