Editor, Index-Tribune:

Joe Aaron’s revision of history (“Don’t let him rob us again,” Index-Tribune Op-Ed. Oct. 22) includes a vote that never happened. Pat Kuleto withdrew his application prior to any City Council vote being taken when he decided any discussion of parking conditions related to his proposed restaurant were too much trouble. The matter never made it to a vote of any kind before the City Council.

As to Measure B’s four-fifth’s vote requirement of the City Council on an appeal of Planning Commission approval, Mr. Aaron is equally inaccurate. New hotels 25 rooms and under will continue to be decided on appeal by a three-fifth’s majority vote; only hotels larger than 25 rooms will be subject to the four-fifth vote requirement. Mr. Aaron seems to have an axe to grind, but his major “facts” are simply wrong. Measure B is on the ballot because 1,600 people signed a petition to put it there, not because I put it there. Mr. Aaron, if a resident, can cast his single vote, as will I.

Larry Barnett