This fall, the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art highlights Sonoma’s regional specialties in food and wine as inspiration for fine art with “Delicious Images: Art About Food – Paintings and Works on Paper by Wayne Thiebaud and Joseph Goldyne.” On now through Dec. 1, the exhibition compliments the concurrent display “Kitchen Memories: Kathleen Thompson Hill Culinary Collection.”

Food has always been a subject of great fascination for artists, who for centuries have turned their gaze toward delectable pleasures in nature’s bounty, from lush 17th-century allegorical still lifes of ripe and rotting fruits to cool pop art renderings of commercial food products. Both Thiebaud and Goldyne have used food as imaginative subject matter – not so much as traditional still lifes observed and rendered, but as a vehicle for exploring formal concerns and conveying an aesthetic stance or emotional state.

“Delicious Images” includes an intimate exhibition of 22 paintings, drawings and prints.

“Sonoma Valley Museum of Art is especially grateful to Wayne Thiebaud and Joseph Goldyne for sharing their work and providing us with such an insightful exhibition,” said museum Executive Director Kate Eilertsen. “Unquestionably, these two artists are dedicated to making deeply satisfying works of art, whether of food or other subjects. Clearly, what drives both of them is the promise and challenge of a fulfilling image. Seen together, they elevate a common sandwich or cupcake to a masterpiece for musing.”

On Thursday, Oct. 24, at 7 p.m., Eilertsen will join artist Goldyne in a conversation about his work at the museum.

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Admission is $5, free for students up to 12th grade and free for all visitors every Wednesday.

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