Editor, Index-Tribune:

A great deal has been said about the effort to ban gas powered leaf blowers in Sonoma. The City Council voted to move forward with a ban two weeks ago, and then on Monday night they voted it down.

Steve Barbose and Laurie Gallian were in favor of the ban; Tom Rouse and David Cook opposed. Mayor Ken Brown changed his mind from banning to not banning.

There has been thoughtful, emotional, intelligent, factual, conciliatory and exaggerated commentary on the issue.

But Monday night, Ken Brown took the prize for the most inflammatory comment when he said that that there were “elements of class issues here tonight.”  He is the only person who used this word.

No one has ever described this issue around the notion of “class,” until Monday night, by our mayor. It is insulting to everyone involved, either in maintaining a status quo or changing the air that landscapers and residents breathe.

As Steve Barbose put it, this is “a public health and quality of life” issue.

It has nothing to do with class, and Brown was extremely classless to even suggest it.

Karin Bartow