Earlier this month, Flowery Elementary School selected fifth-graders Anthony Carranza and Nora Ligotti as the school’s Students of the Year.

Carranza was selected as Student of the Year by Flowery for his high academic performance, excellent citizenship and integrity. Carranza is described as a dedicated student who always puts forth his best academic effort. He scored advanced on the most recent STAR tests in English language arts.

He is an active member of the school community, he serves as a conflict manager and as a member of Flowery’s STARS after-school program. Best of all, Carranza is a role model to his peers. He is described by his teachers as caring, positive, supportive and as possessing a strong work ethic and excellent study habits.

Outside of school, Carranza excels in all sports, particularly baseball and basketball; and is a terrific older brother. He loves math and plans to attend college to become an engineer.

Flowery selected Ligotti as Student of the Year thanks in part to her model citizenship, her excellent academic performance and her strong character. Ligotti’s teachers describe her as a determined, engaged and independent learner, with an extraordinary ability to retain and apply new information across all academic areas.

Ligotti has been identified as a gifted and talented student and she reads well above grade level in both English and Spanish, scoring advanced in both math and ELA. Ligotti has embraced her dual immersion experience at Flowery, taking her learning of a second language very seriously. She is also a valued member of the school community who is described as a leader who gets along well with everyone.

Outside of class, she is a conflict manager and she also participates in the after-school STAR program. Ligotti has a passion for the performing arts and she participates in the annual Flowery Talent Show and Sonoma’s “Witchie Poo” production. She wants to study music in college and hopes to pursue a career in show business.

Congratulations to these hard-working and inspiring young students on this honor, and to their families and teachers for encouraging their academic and personal success.

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This article is the first in a series that will profile each Student of the Year honored in Sonoma in 2013-14.