Editor, Index-Tribune:

Sonoma is the best, best, best. As we all know.

To further enlighten, I offer last Friday afternoon. Dead tired after a long day, I stop at Sonoma Market to get a smoothie, enjoying it while at the lunch tables and reading the newspaper left there.

Skip to four hours ahead, when I’m heading out the door to go to the airport, and I can’t find my wallet.

Panic, dread, sigh. Where did I have it last?

I remember setting it on the bench next to me as I enjoyed my smoothie. I race to the market, hoping against hope that someone turned it in.

I asked Davo at the counter, “Did someone turn in a wallet earlier today?” – he paused, and said, “ Yes, they did.”

Into the safe his hand reaches, and out comes the most beautiful sight. There it is, my beloved wallet, dollar bills still sticking out of it, as lettuce does in an overstuffed taco. I had not put them away earlier, with my fry brain and my fresh smoothie in hand.

Some lovely and compassionate citizen had found it and turned it in. Absolutely nothing out of place, every bit intact.

Thank you, thank you, dear whomever you are. Blessings on you.

I’ve returned wallets before, and now mine returned to me. Imagine the world if we all paid it forward like a wallet.

Joanie Bourg