Editor, Index-Tribune:

I read Lorna Sheridan’s column about education on the Index-Tribune schools page each week religiously. Thank you so much, Lorna, for all your research to help our kids in Sonoma schools.

I have volunteered over the years at El Verano School. I am now volunteering there with Schools of Hope. I read in Real Simple magazine, recently, that the Center of Social Development found that elementary school students who had consistent help from an adult age 55 or older, improved their critical-reading skills by 60 percent in a single year.

I find that my little student asks all kinds of questions about what she is reading when we are together. The one-on-one consistent reading time together really seems to work. I would hope that more seniors would take a half hour (or a full hour, to work with two students) a week to make a big difference with our kids’ reading abilities. The training is simple and anyone can do it.

Libby Brady

Sonoma Valley

  (Editor’s note: Community members ages 13 and up who are interested in volunteering with Schools of Hope at any Sonoma location are encouraged to contact Theresa Rhodes at the Sonoma Valley Education Foundation, 935-9566, or email theresa@svgreatschools.org for more information.)