Editor, Index-Tribune:

For several years, I have heard reaction from friends, acquaintances and even strangers, regarding letters to the editor in the Index-Tribune that many people think are from me, Tom Sokoloski.

The reality is that they are from Tom Sokolowski, of Sonoma, who, I believe, is president of the Sonoma Valley Democratic Club, not me, Tom Sokoloski of Glen Ellen, a retired engineer from the SDC.

It’s not that I don’t sometimes share some of the same political views as Tom Sokolowski, but I have never, before now, written a letter to the editor of the I-T to express my views. Over the years, in addition to the confusion about letters in the I-T, we have encountered some confusion with the school system as well as various businesses here in the Valley about my identity. So, I would like to clarify this for everyone. I, Tom Sokoloski, am not Tom Sokolowski.

Tom Sokoloski

Glen Ellen