Editor, Index-Tribune:

I will vote no on B because:

1. B is a very bad law, written for the benefit of some bed and breakfast owners.

2. It handcuffs city employees, who are paid to determine what should go in, where, how big, etc. They will be hogtied by a poorly-written and poorly-thought-out law.

3. It is unfair to property owners and devalues their investment.

4. It eliminates competition.

5. The West Napa Street hotel plan has been modified, redesigned and is spectacularly attractive. It deserves to be built and will be a big improvement over what is there presently.

6. Traffic will enter the site on West Napa and exit one block south. Hardly a bottle neck.

7. Each property should be evaluated by city authorities and citizen groups, and not be bound by a poorly-thought-out law that does not deserve to be passed. It will be trouble if it is.

No on “B” absolutely.

Robert H. Sherwood