Editor, Index-Tribune:

It’s to laugh. Yard signs that read, “Protect Our Voice” or “Increases Taxes” or “Save Our Plaza,” or some other such nonsense. And these are signs in opposition to “yes,” on Measure B, which will keep new hotels small.

So by keeping hotels big in Sonoma, voices will be protected, taxes will be increased and the Plaza will be saved. What?

Who thought up this campaign and what were they smoking? This has got to be the funniest thing yet in Sonoma politics. Is the campaign to build big hotels in town channeling Ted Cruz?

Measure B, the hotel limitation measure, provided the people of Sonoma with a voice to vote on an important issue that a majority on the City Council has fought from the get-go. The council majority – Brown, Rouse and Cook – didn’t want voters to have a voice in the matter and neither did Protect Sonoma, a hotel developer-sponsored group opposing Measure B.

Do these people think Sonoma voters will fall for this bizarro stunt? The election is Nov. 19. Let the City Council and the big hotel developers know what you think of their ludicrous tactics. Keep hotel development small and preserve our unique small-town character.

Will Shonbrun

Boyes Hot Springs