Editor, Index-Tribune:

In a fit of campaign braggadocio, President Obama warned of serious consequences if Syria crossed the red line and used chemical weapons. Assad called his bluff. The resulting images provoked worldwide outrage. Obama had to man up to keep his word. Instead he waffled, saying it was “not my red line.” Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was livid at Obama’s weak-kneed response.

The close-mouthed Putin, a man of action, came to Obama’s rescue, a suspect mediator at best. When former Defense Secretary Robert Gates was asked if he trusted Putin, he said, “Are you kidding?” Putin got the UN involved and Obama could go back to turning America into another bankrupt Greece.

Unasked is the question, where did Syria get those chemical weapons? Saddam had them and used them on the Kurds. On the Jim Lehrer NewsHour some years ago, I watched in horror as a dog in a closed room wobbled then collapse as a chemical substance was piped into air vents. Saddam was demonstrating the effectiveness of chemical weapons.

While President George W. Bush agonized over sending troops into Iraq, UN Security Council members dithered. In that time of indecision, satellite images confirmed the movement of huge convoys of trucks leaving Iraq and entering Syria. Were these some of the WMDs Assad used to kill his people? Is Assad’s cache of WMDs the weapons that couldn’t be found in Iraq?

June England