By Doug Nickle

When you cut through all the noise, the government shutdown is a joke on the American people. It is nothing more than political theater and highlights the arrogance and lack of leadership of the Obama administration.

In spite of all their weaknesses, Republicans are being unfairly blamed by the liberal media for doing their job. Since we live in a constitutional democracy, as opposed to Obama’s dictatorial interpretation, the House Republicans have a moral, ethical and legal obligation to their constituents who are opposed to the economic calamity that is ObamaCare.

Further, the multiple individual bills presented by the Republican House illustrate that the legislature can fund individual programs rather than huge, pork-laden bills. So instead of the Democrat Senate refusing to fund Veterans Affairs, national parks, and child cancer research, while attacking Christian chaplains in the military, we would be better served if they agreed to fund such individual programs while continuing the debate on ObamaCare.

Obama’s failings during this process are flagrant; saying he “will not negotiate with Republicans” is tantamount to saying he will not do his job, and that he doesn’t have to. Selectively closing national parks and monuments for political gain rather than necessity is pathetic, petty and despotic. Presiding over Democrat “leadership” like Reid and Pelosi, who call conservatives and Republicans “arsonists,” “anarchists” and “terrorists,” demonstrates that Obama and Democrat leaders are ego-driven, wannabe autocrats. And the liberal mainstream media continues in its self-appointed role as the fourth branch of government, acting as propagandists for their dear leader.

We, the American people, get what we deserve. We send these people to Washington, D.C., on our behalf. If those who voted for Obama truly want a tyrannical government that is above the constitutional laws it is sworn to uphold, then they have been rewarded.

Or, perhaps it’s time for those once filled with “hope and change” to take a clear look at what is really happening. And perhaps it’s time for quiet conservatives, who’ve sat idly by, to finally stand up for something.

The world is run by those who show up.

• • •

  Doug Nickle is a Sonoma Valley resident and a past member of the board of the Sonoma Valley Vintners and Growers Alliance.