Editor, Index-Tribune:

I find the “No on B” signs with “Protect the Plaza” very misleading.

Measure B limits construction of large hotels. Doesn’t such a limit actually protect the Plaza? Large hotels host conferences and events to attract clientele every day of the week. Does an increase in tourists coming to such events throughout the year protect our historic Plaza? What are the hidden costs of more business at our Plaza restaurants and shops, the presumed rationale for the protect Sonoma moniker?

A “Yes on B” both preserves and protects the Plaza and our small town. As Bill Kortum, board member and president emeritus of Sonoma County Conservation Action, said in endorsing Measure B, “Not all growth is appropriate for every town. We ultimately felt that preserving the small town experience for both residents and visitors strikes the right balance for the City of Sonoma.“

Be wary of misleading slogans. Preserve Sonoma as a Wine Country town of small hotels. Vote “Yes on Measure B.”

Claudia Robbins