Editor, Index-Tribune:

It is interesting to me that there has been all this hoopla about the proposed hotel on Napa Street, that, if allowed after several revisions, promises to be a lovely addition to Sonoma. Incidentally, the proposed site has already had two hotels in the past.

What the public doesn’t seem to care about, or is ignorant of, are two other proposed building sites, both on Spain Street.

As of now they are lovely green acreage. One is on an historic overlay next to the Blue Wing Inn, the other is in a residential area, also on Spain.

Do we need an apartment building and parking next to the Blue Wing? Do we need more houses to destroy the little bit of green that could easily be enjoyed by the public, instead of more uninteresting housing?

We all understand why developers want to build in town instead of in all the area available beyond Eighth Street East.

It is spelled m-o-n-e-y.

Sheila Cole