Editor, Index-Tribune:

I thought the juvenile name calling had been called off? But no, Bill Lynch is spewing falsehoods and fear. He says that all of us who don’t want to see oversized hotels ruin the plaza are Luddites and negative.

Hmm, why did he cash out on Sonoma’s beloved family newspaper if he’s so hip and positive? I’m grateful to the early settlers of Sonoma, all those families he named. We’re standing on their shoulders, and thank goodness, because it keeps us above the petty BS everyone is shoveling. Those of us who are motivated by love can see how to preserve the Sonoma we have all helped build.

I’m sorry Bill and others are so frightened that if Darius Anderson doesn’t get his Jack London-themed hotel he might build a shopping center instead. Why would he do that? Bill just said Darius and his family live in and love our community. Those dependable city commissions he touts would do their job and prevent any other unacceptable project from happening as well. Right?

Here’s a simple solution: Darius could build the new White Fang Hotel on Broadway at MacArthur in the old car lot. A perfect location. He could put in a small Klondike bar too. I’ll drink to Jack London, the successful socialist.

Vote “yes” on Measure B if you love the Sonoma that belongs to all of us.

Long live the future of Sonoma as the small town with a big heart.

Lin Marie deVincent