Editor, Index-Tribune:


The GOP’s last threat to shut down the government was about paying its bills, holding citizens hostage to defund unemployment insurance. This time it’s the affordable care act (ObamaCare). They do not want to fund it.

The GOP has tried to derail ObamaCare from the start, trying to appeal it 46 times, only to go down in defeat in the Senate, then taking it to the Supreme Court as unconstitutional, only to be denied again.

The cost of the appeals and the lawsuits over ObamaCare, and the shut down of the government, and the fact we are not paying our bills, is going to cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars. Interest rates on the money we owe is going to go up because of this.

Who do these elected officials work for? I am not sure, but helping the American people does not seem to be on the agenda.

Greg LarsonBoyes Hot Springs