It’s been a hot, both literally and figuratively, and fun-filled summer season for the more than 250 members making up the nine Sonoma Bocce Ball Association leagues that compete weekly at the bocce courts south of the gazebo in Depot Park.

The top finishers of the SBBA summer season include the Wednesday morning league winning Nonchemale, consisting of captain Louie Chiotti, co-captain Bob Felder, Paul Crowley, Judy Hill, Connie Tiegel and Julie Cebula.

In the Wednesday evening league, the Sopranos were the winners, comprised of captain Ray Larbre, co-captain Pat Pulvirenti, Judi Orr, Pat Sjolund, Micki Goedewaagen, Kathy Walsh and Ken McTaggart.

Winning the Thursday morning league was I Giovanett, consisting of captain Leo McMillan, co-captain Maureen Dutil, Peter Goedewaagen, Marvin Heskett, David Prete and Virginia Slevin.

The Thursday evening league was won by the Grape Crushers, including captain Ray Calabrese, Ruselle Johnson, Jim Lavaroni, Bob Noble, Judy O'Brien, Maureen Olson and Beth Peetz.

In the Friday morning league, the winners were the Sonoma Chickens, comprised of captain Jerry Marino, co-captain Kit Wood, Karen Powers, Yvonne Stieper, Leo Sturn and Chuck Vetrano.

Winning the Friday evening league were the Depot Devils, consisting of captain Walt Baccala, co-captain Peter Charles, Jim Stroupe, Alice Day, Marlene Minkin, Suzanne Young and Lois Dorsey.

The Saturday morning league winner was Fun Won, including captain Rose Cardinale, co-captain Ron Hopkins, Olga Cleary, Nancy Dito, Judith Kaye and Richard Waxman.

In the Sunday morning league, the winner was Four Play, comprised of captain Larry Schofield, co-captain Maryanne O'Shea, Nancy Dito, Sandra Delmonte, Sandy Youdall and Julia Ross.

Winning the Sunday evening league was Bocce Torture, comprised of captain Sheila Fanucchi, co-captain Sharon Modrick, Lenore Gordenker, Francine Maffei, Andy Price, Tony Ginocchio, Harry Hanratty and Mario Bruno.


Anyone interested in joining the SBBA – the annual membership cost is $20 a person – or for more information about the bocce club, call (John) 938-2101 or (Ginette) 935-3337.