Editor, Index-Tribune:

It seems like Bill Lynch (in his Musings column, Sept. 27) is saying that if you own something you can do whatever you like. So, why not a 10-story hotel?

More to the point, why not discuss the issue. I could buy a lot by your residence, Bill, and if I wanted to build a glue factory, dynamite factory or other risky facility, it’s OK with you? Of course it’s not OK. That is what this discussion is about – should a hotel with 59 rooms and a convention center with a capacity of 128 be built on the busiest street in town in one of the most congested areas? Prop B, in the great tradition of our democracy, is allowing the people to express there desires for the long term outlook for our city.

As regards trusting City Council – what politician can anyone name that we all trust. We have roundabouts, bike trails that bikes don’t use, an $880,000 duck pond and so on.

The tone of Bill’s opinion piece is denigrating. I don’t think “local residents being duped” is at issue or a way to work out a solution. What we have here is a difference of opinion. Please take the high road Bill.

On the hotel, if we must build it, let’s site it like the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn, somewhere with low impact, like Eighth Street East and Napa Road.

Please be sure and vote.

Hugh Black