Editor, Index-Tribune:

Sonomans can be proud of the Vintage Festival, held in the Plaza last weekend. The grape stomp was a hoot, the art was seriously considered and the food and wine were enjoyed.

But, I thought the happiest part of the Plaza was the northeast corner where the Soroptimists set up seven games for children. Kids lined up to knock down milk bottles, putt on a miniature golf course and throw toilet paper rolls into the toilet.

As a helper, I watched for two hours on Sunday as youngsters, aged 4 to about 10, picked five lollypops from more than 100 stuck in holes in a painted ladder. The kids earned a prize for each lollypop stick with a colored mark on the bottom. It was pure chance, with good odds, but strategy and personality shown through. It took up to a minute’s deliberation per choice in some cases; it was snatch and grab in others. There were universal grins and applause from spectators when green or red was found at the end of the stick.

And selecting from sucker and pinwheel prizes also involved substantial concentration by the winners. In at least two cases, the winner of multiple prizes shared the reward with a brother or sister. Most kids came back two, three, four and even more times. Every kid was a winner.

The Soroptimists brought back to the festival the joy of simple and fun games for young children. The club members and volunteers are to be congratulated for reminding us just how important the young people are to the Valley.

David W. Chambers