Adoptions $13 on the 13th of each month

Happy October, Sonoma. I hope this finds everyone settling into their autumn routine. The grapes are being harvested, we’re planting into our winter vegetable gardens and the days continue to get shorter.

For us at Pets Lifeline, the kitten season seems to be winding down a bit, although I currently have 4-week-old kittens that I’ve had for two weeks now. Getting 2-week-old bottle babies in mid-September means there is still a lot of activity out there. Hopefully you’ve all received our fall donation campaign mailer which I crafted after one of my fosters, Stanley. Please support us with whatever donation you can so we can continue to take care of all the animals that need us. I want to thank everyone for the show of support with respect to the Safeway kitties as well. Two of the kittens have already been adopted. I’ll keep you posted on the rest.

Today is a celebration of St. Francis of Assisi’s Blessing of the Animals. Come to Pets Lifeline at 3:30 p.m. and Father Mike Kelly of St. Francis Solano Church will be here to bless any animals who are here. Please be sure all dogs are on leash and cats are in a carrier. All species of animal are welcome, but be safe and bring them in secure carriers. We love this annual autumn tradition and Father Mike is so kind to bring the blessings to us. Thank goodness St. Francis of Assisi’s gift of compassion for all beings has carried through to our lives today.

I know I mentioned Maggie and Daisy, our sweet spaniels, but they are now fully cleared for adoption after almost three-and-a-half months of heartworm treatment. They came to us in early June as owner surrenders and were diagnosed two weeks later with heartworm.

If anyone has experienced an animal with heartworm, it is a long grueling process and the treatments take their toll on the poor pooches.

In addition, you have to keep them in a low stress environment, which has been challenging in this crazy shelter world. The happy ending here is that both girls are through the danger zone and are doing great. Come and meet these two adorable girls and if a spaniel isn’t your cup of tea, we have two fabulous black labs, Doc Holliday and Bessie, a blond lab named Molly and two precious puggles, Cal and Gus. Tito, who I have talked about before, is still undergoing treatment for his demodex. Tito is such a sweet guy who really needs a special home with lots of love to share. That’s what could make the most difference in this little guy’s recovery.

Speaking of sweet things, we are very pleased to announce the adoption of our longtime cat ambassador, Macarena. She was born into a dancing family with siblings, ChaCha, Jitterbug and Mambo who were all adopted as kittens. Macarena was always overlooked due to a chronic eye ailment. I was chatting with a very nice couple who attended our first Neighborhood Forum in August when they mentioned they were looking for an older cat who was good with dogs. Mmmm, I thought, I know just the cat but she has some special needs and amazingly their response was, “That’s OK we’d love to meet her.” It was a match made in heaven. Thank you, Terry and Chic.

We still have lots of kittens folks, so don’t hesitate to come down and meet our fun, furry friends. The kitten room is a great place to hang out if you need some stress relief as well. And the kittens love the company. We have our black cat special for $13 dollars on the 13th of every month, which is coming up soon. Meowwwww.

Ciao for now! Peace, love and paws.