Editor, Index-Tribune:

Residents of Sonoma are poised to benefit from the new cell tower on Sebastiani Winery property. Presently, visitors to our home are horrified to find their iPads barely function with one bar of signal. To them, this is a city with substandard services. Our home is 600 feet from the proposed tower and we believe our property value will be enhanced by it because buyers will want excellent mobile device reception.

Both the reliability and the data rate will be increased. As an example of increased reliability, I have an implanted defibrillator which automatically transmits wirelessly to a modem located under my bed. Presently, the modem uses a landline to transmit detailed, potentially-lifesaving information automatically to the doctor. With suitable changes, the defibrillator could transmit to a smartphone that alerts the doctor.

The tower is disguised as a pine tree comparable in height to adjacent trees. It costs us nothing beyond our existing AT&T service costs. The site is on private property and costs the city no land. The nearest home is about 300 feet from the tower.

I remain mentally active, partly due to my enjoyment of this digital evolution. We are in the early stages of this process, much like that of the horseless carriage in 1900. The carriage evolved into a versatile auto. Likewise, wireless technologies are evolving. Join me in helping Sonoma to participate in the future.

John Dunning