Editor, Index-Tribune:

Even Darius Anderson put in a large ad asking the community to be civil, so I had to respond to Bill Lynch’s “musings” (“Anti-hotel initiative is anti-Sonoma,” Bill’s Musings, Sept. 27). My legacy is not so long. I have only been in Sonoma for 41 years, but this is how I, holding a different opinion than Bill, am described: duped, fear mongerer, narrow views, suppressing fellow Sonomans, luddite, negative, building a blockade, stomping on a dream, fearful based on a false premise, using snake oil for persuasion, anti-Sonoma, not trusting local government, wrong, dishonest, having negative energy. He asks us to listen to the dreamers, but admits that we don’t always have to say yes.

Maybe I feel my dream for Sonoma’s future is better and I am saying YES on B to a better dream.

Bobbie Jenkins