Editor, Index-Tribune:

I find it disturbing that we are making such a big deal about a 59-room hotel. I can’t imagine anything less would make much financial sense. We have plenty of B&Bs that cater to this type of tourist. Where are a few boutique hotels that will raise the bar a bit in this town?

Certainly a hotel would be more inviting than a deserted vacant car lot. The point this town seems to be missing is that, with certain development and planning, these additions should add to the town’s appeal and fit in with the aesthetic.

Sadly, what is happening in Sonoma is anything but this. We have Peet’s Coffee, Staples and Sonoma’s own Burger and Vine? Really? Why aren’t people writing about the horrific awning that was put up on this historic building, and/or the tacky wine barrel flower boxes? Personally, the hotel on West Napa would be a welcome addition of architecture and style that Sonoma is missing.

Development is fine if the City Council and the Planning Commission are clear on the vision of this town. The direction it is heading is scary, when we are fighting against a quality project and allowing Staples, Ben and Jerry’s, Peet’s Coffee and Burger and Vine to run amuck and devalue our town.

Mike Stephens