Editor, Index-Tribune:

Within this topsy-turvy world, it is heartwarming to know about people going that extra mile to please other people.

Whenever I visit one of my favorite spots in town, the Patch, I am renewed. Just to view the boxes, abundant with bright red tomatoes, is enough to send me to Oz. On my first visit of the season, I headed toward Leo, the Prince of the Patch, to say hello and catch up. We always have a pleasant exchange, one of the reasons I feel renewed, and we inevitably fell into the subject of books. I had loaned him one last year that he said he did enjoy, but not as much as his reading of “Shannon,” by Frank Delaney. He mentioned that the next book he looked forward to reading was “Ireland,” also by Delaney.

I made my purchases then headed to our towns wonderful Readers’ Books. I ordered “Ireland,” for Leo and “Shannon” for me. Within two days I received a call informing me that the books had come in. Unable to venture into town that day, I mentioned that the book about Ireland was a gift for Leo at the Patch. Readers’ offered to take a walk to the Patch to deliver it, hand-to-hand. Wow! That is beyond customer service in my book, especially since I had not yet even paid for it.

I just know that this was all done with a sincere smile and a warm handshake.

Way to go Sir Andy! A big thank you, to you and your forever-delightful, helpful staff.

Maria M. Poore

Boyes Hot Springs