Editor, Index-Tribune:

It never ceases to amaze me the extent to which some people will go when they want to be cruel to animals. On Friday, Sept. 6, a lady walking her dog behind Safeway by the dumpsters became curious when she away three boxes sitting out in the hot sun. As she neared them, she heard stressful meows coming from the tightly taped boxes. After she realized what she had found, she brought the boxes containing the precious cargo to Pets Lifeline, our wonderful resources for abandoned animals.

Inside the boxes were eight cats and kittens, one young mother and two of her kittens in one box; a mother cat and three babies in the second box, and a black male, presumably the dad to all the offspring, in the third box. How long they were sitting in the heart without water and without any way of escaping is beyond me. All the felines seem friendly and not afraid of staff.

Who is responsible for this abuse? Did the owner(s), if able to display emotion, have such hatred for these cats that a slow, torturous death was the best way of getting rid of them? Or did this person(s) act sadistically because of a psychopathic personality? Stretching the possibilities, were these cats free-roaming and therefore picked up by persons who just don’t value life in any form?

Thank goodness Sonoma is very animal-orientated, and coming upon such atrocities is rare. But because incidents such as the above can occur, we all need to be observant in our every day activities, as was the caring lady walking her dog.

Dale Miller