Editor, Index-Tribune:

A few Sundays back I fell and shattered my left elbow. Being a long-time resident of Sonoma Valley, I have found having the proximity of our small district hospital a source of solace and comfort when afflicted with the trauma of broken hips and now an elbow. I want our community to realize how fortunate we older citizens are to have access to such a treasure as SVH.

The loving kindness of doctors, nurses, and all the staff was truly exemplary, plus the joy of having all one’s care givers so close by. No trips to Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Napa or beyond. A true blessing for those in their latter years.

Yes, Kaiser is splendid for those in their 60’s and younger, but for those who are getting “long in the tooth” nothing beats our fabulous SVH.

Also, kudos to Dr. Noah Weiss, my orthopedic surgeon, and Dr. Subash Mishra, my local primary care physician, who have gone out of their way to treat me with extraordinary concern and kindness.

Our Sonoma Valley community is truly fortunate and blessed to still have Sonoma Valley Hospital in our town of Sonoma.

Marilyn Goode