Editor, Index-Tribune:

In all the back and forth on Sonoma’s taking (or not taking) action on leaf blowers, something that no one has mentioned in the “rake or blow” arguments is this one fact: A leaf blower dosen’t do away with leaves and grass.  It blows them onto someone else’s property, or into the public streets. They become someone else’s problem.

Very un-neighborly and certainly quite dirty.

This debris should really be dealt with the old-fashioned, proper way – gathered and composted or otherwise disposed of. Not just pushed to your neighbor or into the street.

If we were considering “leaf suckers” (i.e., vacuums), then this would be a somewhat different matter even at the same decibel level. At least some good would be realized.

Come on, there’s a better way, Sonoma. Let’s be adults, let’s be neighborly and let’s all take responsibility for our own waste. Collect it and deal with it.

The relief from the relentless noise distraction will be an added benefit!

Fred Schultz