Editor, Index-Tribune:

President Obama is asking us to support a military attack against Syria because he believes the Syrian government has violated an “international norm” against using chemical weapons.

The United States military is poisoning huge regions of the world by using uranium munitions (depleted uranium), creating tons of breathable uranium oxides that are toxic and mutagenic for the life of Earth.

Does this horrible, unacknowledged war crime justify a military attack against the United States?

Attacking Syria without the backing of the United Nations would violate both international norms and international law, justifying a counter-attack by Syria and its allies.

Though the Syrian government has limited powers to retaliate, their Russian ally is moving warships into the Mediterranean. It has a sophisticated arsenal, including high-altitude nuclear electromagnetic pulse weapons which could shut down our whole electronic civilization in a hot second.

I hope if enough of us speak out against any military attack on Syria, our nation may move away from making wars and toward dealing with our real problems, including cleaning up toxic uranium oxides.

John Lewallen