Three boxes of cats dumped at Safeway

Happy September Sonoma! Do I have a story for you. This is why I am so blessed to be a part of Pets Lifeline.

Two weeks ago, Shoshana Brown, (you all know Shoshana, right?) came running into my office summoning me to come to our intake room exclaiming, “You won’t believe what just came in.”

Seeing the seriousness in her expression, I quickly followed her into our intake room to see three large produce boxes all taped up. Shoshana told me a woman had brought them to us after finding them by the dumpster at Safeway. She said she heard something meow.

We slowly opened the first box to find a lovely tortie mom with three adorable 2-week-old kittens (one orange tabby and two fluffy black ones). Mom and the kids looked OK and were not in any imminent danger. We quickly put them into a carrier so we could open the other two boxes.

The second box had another mom, a harlequin tortie with two older kittens, probably about 2.5 months old. Again, all looked OK; into a carrier they went. The third box, which was meowing loudly, contained a single large fluffy black male cat. We promptly got all of our new residents settled into cages with food, water, litter boxes and soft comfy bedding. Then we both just looked at each other in complete and total disbelief. You may recall the heat wave we were having a couple of weeks ago, and the thought that anyone could leave these cats taped inside boxes next to a dumpster in over 90 degree weather with no food or water, well need I say more?

All are doing fine, thanks to the good Samaritan who heard them meowing, stopped to see what was going on and brought them in to us. Can you imagine if Pets Lifeline wasn’t here? I don’t even want to think about it. I cannot imagine what motivated the person who left them there or how they sleep at night. But if you have a little love to offer, we have lots of wonderful kittens and cats for adoption. Part of the Safeway clan should be ready for adoption next week.

All of September we are participating in a county-wide adoption program started right here at Pets Lifeline.

The Feline Negotiator, an adoption plan we started back in August, has taken on a life of its own throughout the county and all cats over 4 months old are on a “name your own price” basis. Can’t beat that. And now through December, on the 13th of each month, all black cats are only $13 each. Go to our website to see what the top 13 reasons are to adopt a black cat.

Our next neighborhood forum will be Wednesday, Sept. 25, at La Luz Center, 17560 Greger St., in the springs. Please join us for a meet and greet with staff and board members starting at 5 p.m. We want to get to know our community one neighbor at a time and hear how we can better serve you and the cats and dogs of your neighborhood.

We had a sudden influx of big dogs with three beautiful black lab mix litter-mates that are about a year and a half old. There are two girls and a boy, Oakley, Bessie and Doc Holliday. All three are very sweet wonderful pooches.

Then there’s Stella, the 5-month-old who’s not a big dog – yet. We are starting a new trend at the shelter with our “one of a kind” breeds. Stella is a floppy-eared Greater Swiss Border Hound. At the end of September, our two spaniel sisters, Daisy and Maggie, will be ready for adoption. If you’ve been to the shelter you’ve seen them here for quite some time.

They’ve had a hard road of it, coming into the shelter in late July and shortly thereafter being diagnosed with heartworm. After some exhaustive and uncomfortable treatment, they are coming through the other end of it and doing great – such pretty girls.

And of course, we still have our loveable smaller dogs, Tito and Cal. Come on in and meet these delightful doggies and see if one of them is the right one for you.

Thanks to all for your continued support of Pets Lifeline. Please feel free to show it in the form of a donation when you get our fall mailer. Until we meet again: Peace, love and paws!