The historic Valley of the Moon Winery have made plans to celebrate 150 years in Sonoma with a fête fit for the stars – and Sonomans. Scheduled for 5 to 9 p.m. the evening of Saturday, Sept. 14, the evening is billed as “The  New Moon Gala.”

Local managing partner/proprietor Dan Zepponi and his Canadian partner/proprietor Tony Stewart will unveil the fruits of their labor toward the resurrection of one of Sonoma Valley’s most storied winery properties.

Attendees will get an exclusive first-look at the winery’s rustically elegant design, its refined wine style and stunning new packaging.

They will experience first-hand Valley of the Moon’s new hospitality programs bolstered by live music, plentiful food-and-wine-pairing stations and a multitude of special surprises.

The journey toward the “New Moon” began a little more than a year ago when Zepponi, a Sonoma local and wine-industry veteran, purchased Valley of the Moon along with his business partner Stewart, a veteran of the Canadian wine-industry.

After an exhaustive search for a winery property with a true sense of place, Sonoma’s often over-looked but ever-enduring Valley of the Moon Winery seemed the right fit.

“Most people don’t know that the word ‘Sonoma’ actually means ‘Valley of the Moon’ in the language of the Sonoma Valley’s native people,” said Zepponi. “This is a property that was originally planted in 1863 and has endured in this Valley for 150 years. There is an authentic greatness here; it just needed to be unlocked. Valley of the Moon is Sonoma and we are committed to the community that bears our name.”

With the “The New Moon Gala,” the winery hopes to not only delight the local community with its new direction, but also engage and enlighten them with tails of the winery’s fascinating past.

“From day one, our mission was clear: to at last honor the rich history of this winery, its true sense of place and sustained sense of purpose with wines of exceptional quality and of genuine provenance,” Zepponi said.

Tickets for September’s “The New Moon Gala” are $25 for Sonoma Valley residents and Club Eclipse Members and $40 all others.

Tickets can be purchased at the winery, at or by calling 939-4500.