Editor, Index-Tribune:

Regarding animals left in hot cars: It is actually a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine, in California (CA Penal Code §597.7) to leave an animal in a parked car if heating (or cold) might cause suffering, disability or death to the animal.

You are allowed to call the police or a humane officer (I have done this several times, having found dogs locked in cars on absolutely sweltering days) and they will liberate the animal and leave a phone number instructing where the animal can be collected.

We live in an area where many people love their animals and enjoy living with them, and yet, somehow, don’t have the common sense to realize that a car, even with a couple of windows slightly cracked, can become a boiling deathtrap for a dog within minutes.

Please do not be shy to alert police or humane officers if you see this sort of thing happening. Perhaps it will teach people a lesson, and it might save an animal’s life.