Editor, Index-Tribune:

I would like to give a big thank you to Bruce Stern who wrote a letter in the Aug. 16 Index-Tribune about the use of funds for the Arnold Drive roundabout. I have been feeling this way since the project was announced, but was not sure I could write as diplomatically as Mr. Stern.

As someone who travels daily between Arnold Drive and Highway 12 on Agua Caliente to commute to work, I have continually observed that this roundabout is an unnecessary extravagance in a part of town that cries out for better street repair and maintenance. Agua Caliente alone has been in serious disrepair for years, and it is a high traffic road, used by both residents and commuters such as myself. That road could benefit from even minimal attention, leaving funds for other streets and roads in the area.

Traveling around Sonoma, I believe that it quickly becomes apparent that the streets reflect the neighborhoods they traverse; witness the new paving in front of the country club, and on most of the east side of town.

While it may be too late to reverse the showpiece of the Arnold roundabout, I would hope that in the future, actual need trumps influence.