Contention and rhetorical warfare

Letter to the Editor


Editor, Index-Tribune:

Despite the fact Mr. Anderson’s bid to build a hotel is in limbo, the Index-Tribune is full of articles for and against Measure B. Yet no one has mentioned the advantage of the hotel contributing to our economy, aside from the TOT. I predicted a few months ago that the proposal and exercise of this petition would divide the town and unfortunately lead to the development of Measure B, which has created contention and rhetorical warfare.

I no longer have access to email, but a few days ago was given an article devoted to an exposé of Darius Anderson. It was published on the “Patch” and proved to me that Sonoma is a small town with small minds. It hasn’t really grown, but it has changed.

I can’t predict the results of this election, but I am convinced Darius Anderson is mature enough to accept defeat with the same courage he approached the project.

Marilyn Sylvestri


  • Mike Stephens

    Sonoma is a small town with Small Minds indeed. The small minds mainly make up the Yes on Measure B group. Darius has handled the opposing sides quite well. I drive around town and see lots of No on B signs. I certainly hope my vote along with all the others voting No on B prevail. The actions of those on the “yes” side have not played fairly and if the small minds prevail, it is only a matter of time before reality sets in and those with open and educated minds win. We are the people that donate, shop and volunteer to make Sonoma a better place. Those that don’t see this or quality development as a positive should move away. There are plenty of more affordable and boring towns you can live in that will never change.

    • Jim Pacheco


      Really! ‘…the “yes” side have not played fair”???? Have you read those No on B signs? Have you read the mailers full of lies about the risk to public safety? And how does a 25 room hotel increase traffic more than a 59 room hotel? I have heard more than one person who is so disgusted with the No campaign, that they have decided to vote Yes, even though they were originally against Measure B. I encourage everyone to vote YES on B to truly preserve our town.

  • Mike Stephens

    Yes on B for Big Hotels? This is lie number one that the Yes side seems to be spewing all over town. I am not going to waste any more time trying to convince closed minded individuals in Sonoma to vote NO on Measure B! Vote No on B if you care for Sonoma’s future.

  • H Harvey

    I did notice something interesting while surfing the web to investigate repetative bloggers. One of the interesting things I found was that some do not even live in Sonoma and have voting rights regarding this issue and that others are actually professional bloggers. They do it all day and make a career out of it. The other half appear to be Bed & Breakfast owners who are extremely opposed to new hotel development. The developer didn’t bring this issue of amending the general plan to the voting citizens of Sonoma, Larry Burnett did. He created the catalyst as he has attempted to do in the past. When I see people outside of Sonoma getting impassioned about this Measure I begin to think that it’s not really about Hotels at all. This is about tourism and the disdain for the dollars we generate from it. Ask yourself why Sonoma has no general fund, but enough to stay out of the red in city funds.