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FISH needs help for dialysis patients

Editor, Index-Tribune: The earthquake we experienced is a very definite wake up call. There was a point on the following Monday that FISH was facing the possibility of not getting our dialysis patients to Napa for treatment. It brings home the fact that we live in an area where several earthquake faults exist. It has… Continue Reading >>


Jean-Charles Boisset – Thank you for saving Buena Vista

Editor, Index-Tribune: All of us who live here in this beautiful Valley owe Mr. Jean-Charles Boisset a huge thank you for his vision, passion, dedication and, of course, money for restoring the Buena Vista Winery’s historic stone buildings. It cost him a lot more money to do it right, and fortunately he stepped up. Thank… Continue Reading >>


Does repaving charge violate rent control?

Editor, Index-Tribune: I recently sent the following letter to the Sonoma City Council: This is my protest against the 20-year rent increase for a capital improvement, the repaving of Del Rio Paseo, proposed by Terra Vista Management for residents under rent control at De Anza Moon Valley, a mobile home park of 247 units. The… Continue Reading >>

The Transcendence Theatre Company. Robbi Pengelly/Index-Tribune

Editorial: Transcending space and time

Just up the road at Jack London State Historic Park, the Transcendence Theatre Company closed out its 2014 season with a blow-out-the-stops Gala Celebration that made small children cheer, women scream and strong men weep with joy. We have come to expect that the music Transcendence makes will be amazing, and it was. Co-Executive Director… Continue Reading >>


Plein Air gala is Friday, not Saturday

Editor, Index-Tribune: Thank you to Kathleen Hill for mentioning Sonoma Plein Air Foundation’s upcoming Gala. One quick correction – the Gala is actually on Friday, Sept 19.  There are a few seats left, so please visit our website, sonomapleinair.com, to purchase a ticket. Everything else Kathleen said was absolutely correct: the event is going to be… Continue Reading >>


Editorial: Red, White and perfect in The Plaza

In the space of five hours on Saturday night, the Sonoma Valley Education Foundation managed to do all this: Throw a massive party for about 900 of its closest friends; included in the event students from the high school’s Culinary Academy, who prepared and served appetizers to the crowd; managed to move the throng so… Continue Reading >>

Retired Gen. Tony Zinni will talk about US foreign policy as part of the Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance Speaker Series on Friday, Sept. 19.

Editorial: Lessons from Gen. Zinni

In 1967, when the Vietnam War was raging across a corner of Southeast Asia, as well as across college campuses all over America, a young Marine lieutenant named Anthony Zinni was acting as an infantry advisor to groups of battle-hardened, indigenous Vietnamese Marines.

Musings of a Sonoma son: Friday night Dragon lights

That glow in the sky to the north of Sonoma’s Plaza on Friday nights this month is probably from Arnold Field, where the Sonoma Valley High School Dragons are hosting a game with a rival from elsewhere in the county.


Off-leash dogs chase deer, deer die

Early this evening, while leaving the Sonoma Mountain cemetery, I couldn’t help but notice six deer racing across the lower cemetery and up toward the hill. There were two does and four fawns running like something was chasing them. The deer were running, not sauntering.


I don’t want Cirque du Soleil on Plaza

Regarding the CSEC’s Plaza rules, I want to comment upon what a town square actually embodies, culturally and historically. Having lived in cities with popular “public spaces,” such as Boulder, Colorado, and Santa Cruz and Sausalito, I hope that Sonoma does not plunge down the same one-way street that these cities have taken.


Kudos to Council for minimum wage study

Those who value a community that shares the fruits of hard work and good fortune are celebrating the City Council’s vote to undertake a study of increasing the city’s minimum wage.


Editorial: It does take a village

Hillary Clinton was taken to task by conservative critics who complained that the title and theme of her 1996 book, “It Takes a Village,” somehow promoted collectivism which, as we all know, is one step removed from socialism and total government control of our lives.

Cal Focus

California focus: Signs say state recovery will last

There are still skeptics who maintain the California economy remains in recession, that talk of economic recovery amounts to whistling past the proverbial graveyard when unemployment remains above 7 percent.


High School tennis team needs support

I am a current senior at Sonoma Valley High School. I have played for the girls varsity tennis team for three years of my high school career and I am now a co-captain for this fall season of 2014.


Town square is for people to use

Regarding the Aug. 29 editorial about the CSEC’s proposed new Plaza rules (“CSEC Plaza policy is misguided”), your characterization of a “left turn” is right. This is what happens when liberals take over. They lock down property and keep everyone off in the name of “preservation.”


Deets Winslow also missed at SDC

In reading all the items about Deets Winslow, nowhere did I see mention of his full-time job as one of the dedicated psych techs at the Sonoma Developmental Center. The mourners at the memorial service included many of his fellow employees. His influence was wider than being a great coach. He is missed.


Editorial: CSEC Plaza policy is misguided

The Sonoma Plaza is considered by many to be hallowed ground, consecrated in the minds of many citizens by the generations of residents and visitors who have found peace and pleasure in its leafy eight acres, never mind that no one is known to be buried there and no ecclesiastical authority has ever, to anyone’s knowledge, bestowed an official blessing.

Valley Forum

Valley Forum: Pompey’s Pillar

Where would we be without Thomas Jefferson? He foxed Napoleon out of what was then called Louisiana and thereby doubled the landmass of our young republic at a stroke, adding the entire watershed of the Mississippi and the Missouri Rivers all the way to the Continental Divide.