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Osama bin Laden won?

Apropos of the dust-up in Ferguson, Missouri, some interesting data was obtained by the New York Times via a Freedom of Information Act request and posted on HitHub.


Editorial: Water bond is just a step

There is no reliable evidence that Mark Twain ever said it, but the over-used cliché attributed to him has become ever more relevant since Twain graced California in the 1860s. “Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting,” and, it should be added, The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, is the perennial battleground.

Cal Focus

California Focus: Changes afoot in state schools

California’s high school drop-out rate has been cut substantially, from the disastrous 34 percent of several years ago to somewhere between one-fourth and one-fifth of entering high schoolers.


Dip for a sip

Hope floats, or so the saying goes. Wine corks float, as do empty beer kegs.


Save the Fryer Creek ducks

The explanation about the “real fix for Fryer Creek” (Index-Tribune Op-Ed, Aug. 8) by Grant Davis, general manager of the Sonoma County Water Agency, is a politically correct piece, obviously written without a site visit.


Please give us back our wedding photos

Our daughter was married Saturday, Aug. 9, at St. Francis Solano Church. We celebrated afterward at The Lodge at Sonoma, on Broadway. Toward the end of the evening, the photographer’s camera was stolen – no photographs for us and no livelihood for our photographer.


Pool will not take five years to open

Editor, Index-Tribune: I read the article in Friday’s paper on the community pool (“City mulling pool loan,” Aug. 15), and was disappointed to see the last statement that, to paraphrase, “it is abundantly clear that the pool under the best circumstances is at least five years away, probably further.” I don’t know how you drew… Continue Reading >>


Editorial: Thank you, Robin

Because he was far more than simply a brilliantly funny man, because he was also a gifted actor, intelligent, compassionate, unpretentious and kind, the loss of Robin Williams has created an almost incomprehensible hole in our cultural universe.


Op-ed: Rotary challenge: Ending war and polio

Polio, once a global scourge, was on the verge of eradication in 2012. Since that time, it has reemerged as a global public health emergency according to the World Health Organization.


A light that burned twice as bright

Editor, Index-Tribune Oh Robin, master of comedy, master of tragedy, again you have made me laugh, again you have made me cry. Your statement on fortune and fame, your comment on price verses cost, has left me at a loss. Gone but not forgotten, silently onward into the night. We thank you, for your contribution,… Continue Reading >>


We’re all in this together

Editor, Index-Tribune: While I couldn’t call Robin Williams a friend, he was all around me during my rock and roll days in San Francisco in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Always on, always funny. The bit he did on golf with his dead-on Scottish accent is for the ages. But the takeaway here is the profound… Continue Reading >>


Can city water meters be hacked?

Editor, Index-Tribune: As a concerned Sonoman and WaterWise member, I have been following the coverage on water issues in the city, county and state as featured in the Index-Tribune over the past few months. In response to that, I would like to share some thoughts and information with you. Recently, the following websites searched on… Continue Reading >>


Where are our new water bills?

Editor, Index-Tribune: I appreciate the drought article in the Aug. 8 Index-Tribune (“Water shortage spurs mandatory cutbacks”), as there is not enough talk or promotion about conservation and the impending rationing. What was most interesting was the quote from Sonoma public works director, Dan Takasugi, stating what our tier rates are and how they can… Continue Reading >>


Don’t miss ‘Shrew’ at Buena Vista

Editor, Index-Tribune: A friend and I went to Buena Vista winery Sunday night to watch “The Taming of the Shrew. ”What a great performance. A classic Shakespeare play with modern and local references. This event has to be added to this summer’s must do list. Sitting on quaint patio tables placed around a water feature, the… Continue Reading >>

Editorial: The legacy of Deets Winslow

Competitive wrestling is not one of life’s glamor sports. It requires a high pain threshold, the ability to repeatedly lose (and sometimes gain) weight at will, and to spend a great deal of time on one’s knees. And wrestling teams seldom fill stadiums.


Op-Ed: Emergency action needed to save salmon

Many will remember the extra distance fish agencies went this past spring when they moved baby salmon in tanker trucks from upstream hatcheries down to the Delta and San Francisco Bay for release. This was done because drought conditions made Central Valley rivers deadly to migrating baby salmon.

Valley Forum

Valley Forum: Still more praise for Jack London Park

Last fall, I fulfilled a lifelong dream and traveled to Cuba. I am a trial attorney in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and was traveling alone to meet fellow travelers with a wonderful organization known as Cross Cultural Journeys. There were approximately 25 people on the trip, and we first met in the airport in Miami to… Continue Reading >>


Robbins and the power of community

Editor, Index Tribune: On Saturday, at the Moose Lodge, I bore witness to the power of community, our community of Sonoma. Dave Robbins was a friend, we worked on several educational projects together, and I was always very taken by his open heart for kids. On Saturday, I witnessed the open heart of so many… Continue Reading >>


Kate and Shakespeare are back at Buena Vista

Editor, Index-Tribune: Saw “Taming of the Shrew” last night at Buena Vista Winery and we highly recommend it. Kate Kennedy is back directing Shakespeare in Buena Vista’s courtyard around the fountain, it felt like 10 years ago when we first arrived in Sonoma and discovered her wonderful productions there. For some years, with changing owners at the winery,… Continue Reading >>


Musical meal to benefit FISH

Editor, Index-Tribune: I’d like to let Index-Tribune readers know that The Barking Dog and “3 on a Match” are sponsoring a sumptuous, musical evening to help FISH replace its older donated refrigerators and freezers with Energy Star appliances. Upon completing its solar panels, FISH has determined that it is possible to reroute additional funds into… Continue Reading >>


Creek bacteria not good for ducks

Editor, Index-Tribune: The ducks still there in Fryer Creek are living in high levels of bacteria and need to be moved. East Side Rescue is on it with DFG. We are having the water tested to evaluate the bacteria levels. Not healthy for our native ducks. I find it so ironic that the Sonoma Ecology… Continue Reading >>

FryerCreekDrains 02

Editorial: Shedding light on Fryer Creek

Examine any watershed in urban, suburban or even much of rural America, look at the topographical arrangement of streambeds, the channels carved by flowing water and the hand of gravity, and what you don’t see, hiding in plain sight, is plumbing.