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Valley Forum

Valley Forum: David Robbins celebration of life slated for Saturday

They’re calling it a Celebration of Life, which it surely is, but I prefer to call it a continuation of life, a life well lived, taken too soon. Because the lessons and wisdom learned from knowing David Ian Robbins will continue on for many in Sonoma Valley and beyond.


Buying new home? Beware vacation rentals

Editor, Index-Tribune: Seven years ago, when we purchased our beautiful home in the hills of Agua Caliente, we never dreamed that the serenity, peace and quiet would be interrupted with a vacation rental inserted into this space, basically right in our backyard. When we moved in, there was a lovely, quiet family that lived there,… Continue Reading >>


Lots of desalination discussion in media

Editor, Index-Tribune: Sheila Cole, in her Aug. 5 letter to the editor, “Desalination anyone?” wrote in part, “What is interesting to me is that not once have I seen the word “desalination” in this paper or in the New York Times.” But in the May 25 edition of the San Jose Mercury News, a story by Paul… Continue Reading >>


More praise for Jack London Park

Editor, Index-Tribune Bob Crane’s July 29 letter, “Falling in love with Jack London Park,” praising and thanking the Valley of the Moon Natural History Association (VMNHA), and the Transcendence Theatre Company (TTC), for rescuing Jack London State Park (JLSP), and making a breadth of activity accessible, is right on. The many volunteers of VMNHA enthusiastically… Continue Reading >>


The importance of testosterone

Editor, Index-Tribune: While editorializing about some violent incidents that took place during Sonoma’s 4th of July celebration (“Alcohol-fueled Fourth,” July 15), Index-Tribune editor David Bolling wrote, “The testosterone was still flowing…” while describing such incidents. This sexist belief that males are poisoned by testosterone has been popularized by male and female feminists for decades. The… Continue Reading >>


People with lower incomes should pay more for energy

Editor, Index-Tribune: This information is the latest I have on the complaint with PG&E, and its use of the tier system authorized by the state legislature in assembly bill AB327. The author of the bill was Henry Perea of Fresno, and it was unanimously approved by his committee and passed on to the legislature for… Continue Reading >>


Editorial: Heal, don’t punish, Sonoma Developmental Center

A close reading of the 207-page “Statement of Deficiencies” at Sonoma Developmental Center, released July 25 by the California Department of Public Health, leads to a variety of disturbing conclusions, by no means all of them about the quality of care at SDC. Those findings are of critical importance because they could lead to the loss of $2.5 million a month in Medi-Cal funding for the beleaguered facility.

Cal Focus

California focus: What we don’t know about the drought

We know a fair amount about California’s three-year drought: It has been the driest period since record-keeping began in the 19th Century. If their wells are deep enough, farmers can still pretty much pump all the ground water they like, while homeowners can be fined up to $500 for watering down a walkway. Water use actually rose after Gov. Brown asked for a voluntary 20 percent cutback.


Valley Forum: White-knuckle seas and loonie showers

We’d been cruising the waters off the east coast of Canada’s Vancouver Island for the past few weeks and were ready to head across the Straits of Georgia to the mainland. Then the weather changed and the wind blew all night, leaving the open water of the straits choppy and frothy with whitecaps and residual wind.


Sonoma Valley Hospital will continue to serve seniors

Editor, Index-Tribune: I would like to respond to the July 22 letter from Lynnette Peters concerning the Senior Wellness program at Sonoma Valley Hospital (“Bring back Senior Wellness program”). While we are closing the gym for seniors due to financial constraints, we did not close our Wellness program for seniors. We will continue to offer… Continue Reading >>


Vacation rentals break up community

Editor, Index-Tribune: Recently, my little poodle escaped from my yard. In a nanosecond he had passed six houses and turned the corner. I ran after him but couldn’t keep up. When I finally rounded the corner, I saw a neighbor holding him safely in her arms. She had seen me walk him numerous times and… Continue Reading >>


Wake up to save Blue Wing

Editor, Index-Tribune Thank you to Karla Noyes for the very informative article in the July 29 Index-Tribune Valley Forum section. Excellent article Karla. For God’s sake, let’s not turn the Blue Wing Inn into another commercial space for rent. I would agree that the history of Sonoma is our biggest tourist attraction. Yes, people are… Continue Reading >>


In praise of Mark Grim exhibition

Editor, Index-Tribune: I would like to alert lovers of modern art to the exhibition of abstract paintings by Bay Area artist Mark Grim at the Epicurean Connection, 122 W. Napa St., Sonoma, through August. Unlike some other abstractionists, Mr. Grim infuses his works with energy, heart, soul and a resonance of subtle meaning, due in… Continue Reading >>


Desalination anyone?

Editor, Index-Tribune: We are in a drought. Surprise! What is interesting to me is that not once have I seen the word “desalination” in this paper or in the New York Times. I suggest someone should at least Google the word. To investigate, or even venture to start up a plant, would not be cheap. What is?… Continue Reading >>


Op-Ed: Bring back Sonoma’s aquatic glory

The construction of a pool in Sonoma is long overdue. Sonoma was once the home of a proud swim tradition, boasting All-American individual and relay teams while providing a platform for high schoolers to take their talents to four-year collegiate programs. This was accomplished in an inadequate “shallow-deep” pool.

Valley Forum

Valley Forum: Does Sonoma really need another pool?

With all the talk of Sonoma needing a pool lately, it should be pointed out that Sonoma already has a great pool that the community uses. I am a longtime community member and aquatics advocate, and I run the Sonoma Aquatic Club, formerly known as Agua Caliente Aquatic Center, at 17350 Vailetti Drive in Sonoma.


Seniors need Senior Wellness program

Editor, Index-Tribune This is my take on the closing of the Senior Wellness program at Sonoma Valley Hospital and the July 22 letter by Lynnette Peters (“Bring back Senior Wellness program”). More than a year ago, I wrote to the Index-Tribune regarding the closure of the Cardiac Rehab program at Sonoma Valley Hospital. The program… Continue Reading >>


Importance of accurate water news

Editor, Index-Tribune: Thank you for your thoughtful editorial of July 18 “More fire under our butts,” addressing state water usage. I felt discouraged by the news coverage on bay area TV stations claiming that instead of conserving water as requested by the governor, Californians were actually increasing water use. Among my friends and acquaintances, it… Continue Reading >>


Who are the terrorists?

Editor, Index-Tribune: Israel accuses the militant Hamas of terrorism and insists on the right to defend itself. But Israel hasn’t always been in charge. Sixty-eight years ago, the Jews in Palestine felt the oppression of the British Mandate. A group of revisionist Zionists formed a military, right-wing group called the IRGUN to form a Jewish state… Continue Reading >>


Thank you for helping police dog

Editor, Index-Tribune: This letter is overdue and I apologize. We first learned of Sonoma’s newest police officer, Dickie the canine in the Aug. 27, 2013 issue of the Index-Tribune. My first thought was, what a handsome dog, made all the more stunning by being a mix of Belgain Malinois and German Shepherd. My second instant… Continue Reading >>


Watch out for cougars

Editor, Index-Tribune: Since I can assume there are cougars in Sonoma County, I feel it’s my duty to warn people about cougars acting strangely or too boldly as they may have canine distemper, which alters their minds. They may come very near buildings or even enter them and suddenly attack people or pets. So please… Continue Reading >>


Editorial: Lois Wolk’s water war

State Sen. Lois Wolk, D-Davis, has been waging what at times seems like a one-woman campaign to point California in the direction of an ecologically sensible, economically affordable and politically possible water bond for inclusion on the November ballot.