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Editorial: Valley’s biggest challenge

If you live in Sonoma Valley your voice can be heard. If you care enough to write a letter (to the editor, or to a local representative), your opinion will have reach. Allies may come forth to join you. On most local boards, including Sonoma’s City Council, you only need to convince three representatives to vote your way.


Hanna Boys Center a fantastic community member

We’re writing to express our heartfelt gratitude and to acknowledge what a fantastic community member Hanna Boys Center truly is. Though rather unassuming, Hanna Boys Center quietly returns young people to the fullest expressions of their true selves.


Stop stealing signs

I agree with Jackie Lee, please stop stealing signs! I have replaced my signs for Cameron Stuckey, twice now. Indeed it is cost prohibitive to keep replacing them!


Praises all of Valley’s stars

I want to thank Nicholas Greben for his letter to the editor in last week’s paper. In his letter, Nicholas honored two volunteers, Sue Holman and Susan Weeks, for their dedicated and long-standing work with Meals on Wheels in Sonoma Valley.


Lynch wrong on many levels

The recent “editorial” called “Love and hate in Sonoma” strikes me as wrong on so many levels that I feel compelled to write.

The eight candidates for the three seats on the Sonoma City Council faced off again Wednesday night, Oct 8, at the Lodge at Sonoma. From left are Andrew Sawicki, Jack Wagner, Lynda Corrado, Madolyn Agrimonti, Gary Edwards, Ken Brown, Rachel Hundley and Cameron Stuckey. Photos of the individuals are presented in the order in which they spoke. (Photos by Robbi Pengelly/Index-Tribune)

Editorial: Love and hate in Sonoma

While retirement has changed me and allowed me to appreciate life in Sonoma more than when I was working full time, I’m not immune to personal bias and critical observations. I can be a curmudgeon with the best of them.


President, Congress need to work together

n his speech recently outlining his plans to use military force against the jihadists of the Islamic State, President Obama gave Congress only passing mention. “I have the authority to address the threat from ISIL,” he said. “But I believe we are strongest as a nation when the president and Congress work together.”


Did Sonoma Valley Fund forget Meals On Wheels?

Your Sept. 16 article tells of the honoring of service for the 26 Star Volunteers by the Sonoma Valley Fund. Congratulations to all of these outstanding volunteers for their recognition is well deserved.


Editorial: Counting Sonoma’s blessings

The best thing about politics in Sonoma Valley is that virtually all of our elected officials are volunteers. It is not a career. Whatever compensation there is is very small or nonexistent.


November’s elections won’t resolve much

Members of Congress are home now, campaigning for the upcoming elections. Their messages are all over the map, and for a good reason: they have very little to brag about.


Clean Power savings questioned

I’m confused! Last I heard, the “savings” on the actual power portion of the (Sonoma Clean Power) bill would be 3 percent the first year and unknown thereafter! Has that changed in percent and duration?


Campaign signs missing

Editor, Index-Tribune: Madolyn Agrimonti drove past my house yesterday to check if her sign had been stolen. She is hearing from supporters that (so far) 25 of her blue and white signs have been stolen from front yards. Is any other City Council candidate having this problem? Gary Edwards offered to buy her replacement signs.… Continue Reading >>


Bolling has been moral compass

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words. The moisture-laden inscription, “Goodbye” told me something was amiss. Somehow I sensed that this was not going to be another stirring erudite missive from David Bolling.


Thanks for clearing issues

Editor, Index-Tribune: I write this letter long overdue, so many times have I felt the impulse to, after reading Editor Bolling’s columns – always so perfect in their informativeness, their heartfelt aim at accuracy and reason – what a true journalist. I don’t know what is taking him away; only want to say thanks for… Continue Reading >>


Editorial: 137 and still serving Sonoma Valley

Would you believe that the Sonoma Index-Tribune is 137 years old? It was founded in 1878 and changed owners and editors many times before my great-grandfather, Harry Granice, bought it in 1884.

Cal Focus

California Focus: The big reason water bond will pass: It should

The outcome is rarely certain when state government asks voter permission to spend $7.5 billion of the taxpayers’ money, but it’s also unusual for a ballot proposition to win as wide a range of support as Prop. 1 already had more than a month before the Nov. 4 Election Day.


El Verano needs reading mentors

El Verano School has a new after-school program called “The Reading Club,” which pairs volunteer reading “mentors” with first grade students on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in our library. We invite you to come and join us – it’s only an hour a week commitment, and we will coach and support you.


New band director lauded

I had just phoned Sonoma Valley High School to inquire about their new band director and tell them how fabulous I think he is and how amazing the band sounds!