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Letter to the Editor

B is beautiful

Goodness, gracious, the Tuesday I-T editorial page was a virtual barrage of naysayers about Measure B.

Letter to the Editor

Too much foot traffic already

Believe it or not, there were once proposals to build gas stations on the corner of the Plaza. Thank goodness, saner minds prevailed.

Letter to the Editor

Sonoma as an ATM?

I feel the necessity to write a letter to my fellow Sonomans about Measure B, which stops large hotels from development within city limits.

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A personal perspective

There are rare occasions when the content of this column becomes personal and when the necessity therefore arises to step out of the collective embrace of “we” and into the voice of “I.”


Measure B erodes tourist revenue, promotes urban sprawl

Voters in the City of Sonoma will decide next month whether to ban hotels with 25 rooms or more. Measure B, commonly known as the Hotel Limitation Measure, arose in response to the first new hotel proposed in over a decade.


Measure B bad for economy and environment

If you’re reading this newspaper, you are probably already aware of Measure B, the Hotel Limitation Measure, that will be on the ballot in the City of Sonoma on Tuesdsay, Nov. 19.

Valley Forum

Hotel means jobs for our kids

Despite the positioning on both sides, Measure B is a referendum about the proposed 59-room Chateau Sonoma hotel on the old parking lot and manufacturing yard of The Sonoma Index-Tribune near the Plaza. I am in favor of this project, and will therefore vote “no” on Measure B.

Letter to the Editor

One big hotel and tasting room spot?

Editor, Index-Tribune: I am a mom raising a family in Sonoma and I am voting “yes” on Measure B. I appreciate that tourism is an important part of our economy in Sonoma, and we enjoy being hosts to visitors from around the world. At the same time, the Sonoma Plaza is still an important gathering… Continue Reading >>

Letter to the Editor

Nobody was robbed

Editor, Index-Tribune: Joe Aaron’s revision of history (“Don’t let him rob us again,” Index-Tribune Op-Ed. Oct. 22) includes a vote that never happened. Pat Kuleto withdrew his application prior to any City Council vote being taken when he decided any discussion of parking conditions related to his proposed restaurant were too much trouble. The matter… Continue Reading >>

Letter to the Editor

City planning works, Measure B unnecessary

Editor, Index-Tribune: As I prepare to cast my vote for Measure B (the Hotel Limitation Measure), I’ve read the voter information written by both the sides of Measure B. The most misleading argument within the ballot arguments is a claim by Measure B supporters, in their opening paragraph, that states, “Sonoma risks becoming overbuilt and… Continue Reading >>

Letter to the Editor

I trust local officials, Vote no on B

Editor, Index-Tribune: I am dismayed that the main issue in the “yes” on Measure B campaign seems to be based on a distrust of our local officials, including the city council and those who volunteer their time to serve on local boards and commissions. In the 25 years I’ve lived here, I’ve had the privilege… Continue Reading >>

Letter to the Editor

Five more reasons to vote ‘no’ on B

Editor, Index-Tribune: If Measure B passes, those who voted “small” should pay attention to the problems they will have created. 1. It will rob the city of needed income. 2. It will prevent a beautiful addition to the Plaza area. 3. It will stop an improvement in traffic flow. 4. It will handcuff city planners… Continue Reading >>

Christopher Chung/Press Democrat

A better solution to leaf blowers

Different observers have different interpretations of the psycho-spiritual event that occurred inside the head and heart of Sonoma Mayor Ken Brown Monday night.


An open letter to Mayor Ken Brown

Dear Mayor Brown – At the Sonoma City Council meeting of Monday, Oct. 21, you told of the evening you enjoyed, the night before, as a recipient of the Amistad Award.

Letter to the Editor

Not a question of ‘class’

A great deal has been said about the effort to ban gas powered leaf blowers in Sonoma. The City Council voted to move forward with a ban two weeks ago, and then on Monday night they voted it down.

Letter to the Editor

Hotel would recognize union, pay living wage

The Living Wage Coalition of Sonoma County opposes Measure B, which would limit the size of “large” hotels in the city. We believe the measure could undercut economic growth and job creation.

Letter to the Editor

Let’s celebrate, not quarrel about Sonoma

I feel so lucky to have lived for 55 years in Sonoma Valley, the home of Jack London, Alma Spreckles, Gen. Hap Arnold and so many others, and to have lived in the city of Sonoma with all its history.

Orson Welles

The end of the world as we thought we knew it

Prior to watching the American Experience presentation of “War of the Worlds,” I assumed that John Lennon’s apology for his comments on the popularity of Jesus relative to the Beatles was the first mass media act of contrition. Wrong.


Competing water priorities in Sonoma County

If, for the last five years, you have followed the news about the flow of Sonoma’s water supply from what should be its primary catchment in Lake Sonoma behind Warm Springs Dam, then you know that the availability of that water during periods of peak summer demand is uncertain.


Don’t let him rob us again

What started out as opposition to Darius Anderson’s proposal for a high-end hotel near the Plaza has turned into a local civil war.