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Cal Focus

PUC confronts major tests

No state agency over the years has so disregarded the interests of both ordinary citizens and business owners as the state Public Utilities Commission.

Letter to the Editor

Hotel? What about Spain Street developments?

It is interesting to me that there has been all this hoopla about the proposed hotel on Napa Street, that, if allowed after several revisions, promises to be a lovely addition to Sonoma.

Letter to the Editor

Here we go again

The GOP’s last threat to shut down the government was about paying its bills, holding citizens hostage to defund unemployment insurance.

Closed sign

Tyranny of minority rule

Thanks to a small minority of ideological fanatics, the United States Congress has hijacked the government and driven it off a cliff.


Measure B says there will be no room at the inn

While not every issue the Sonoma City Council has voted on has met with universal approval, most citizens would agree that the myriad issues managed by our thoughtful elected City Council and appointed Planning Commission is preferable to the uncontrolled chaos of initiative style legislation like Measure B.

Valley Forum

Anticipating change is not anti-Sonoma

Opponents of the Hotel Limitation Measure say we don’t have a “hotel problem” in Sonoma, that few hotels have been built in the last 10 years and the measure is not needed.


Message in a wine bottle – to Mars

In the ’70s, we saw fit to launch Voyager 1, in part as an intergalactic jukebox so extraterrestrial life could groove on Earth’s greatest hits. Now, in the twenteens, we see fit to lunch on vegan wontons, in part as an excuse to tweet as much to the furthest reaches of our social universe.

Letter to the Editor

Another honest Sonoman

I want to thank the person who found my billfold in the parking lot of Sonoma Market and turned it in to the police station on Oct. 2.

Letter to the Editor

If hotel is blocked, consider the alternatives

The proposed West Napa Street hotel soon faces a Measure B reverse yea or nay vote. A hotel is the best use of the property, and a good opportunity for the town in my view. Several items have been missing from the discussion.

Letter to the Editor

It’s dangerous on the streets

I am a walker because I no longer drive (and do I miss it), but I do not cross Fifth Street West at the Safeway crossing.

Letter to the Editor

Why not a 10-story hotel?

It seems like Bill Lynch (in his Musings column, Sept. 27) is saying that if you own something you can do whatever you like. So, why not a 10-story hotel?

Letter to the Editor

How to stop jihadists?

History has shown us how to stop Islamic fanatics from mowing down masses of innocent non-Islamics so they can get a quick passage to the Great Oasis In The Sky, promised to all who kill unbelievers, where they will enjoy a non-stop party with beautiful woman, great food and music, and a river of wine that doesn’t give hangovers or beget fighting.

Valley Forum: A harvest time vigil for 
immigration reform

On Saturday, Oct. 5, the broadest and most diverse movement – including our vast immigrant communities in America as well as faith, labor and civil rights groups – will join in marches and rallies in more than 40 cities across our nation, calling for Congress to pass immigration reform in 2013, with legalization that leads to citizenship.