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Chuck Williams with Index-Tribune Food and Wine Editor Kathleen Hill (right) at the Sonoma Valley Muse Oct. 11, 2013 (Robbi Pengelly/Index-Tribune)

Welcome home Chuck Williams

Chuck Williams wore his 98 years elegantly and serenely as he joined more than 150 friends and admirers for the Sonoma Community Center’s annual Muse banquet, at Ramekins, a particularly special celebration because, in many ways, Williams has been America’s culinary muse.

Cal Focus

Illegal immigrants and organ transplants

The unproven, unprovable but persistent myth that undocumented immigrants are a vast financial burden on the American taxpayer is now extending to the unlikely field of organ transplants.

Letter to the Editor

Bizarro Measure B yard signs

It’s to laugh. Yard signs that read, “Protect Our Voice” or “Increases Taxes” or “Save Our Plaza,” or some other such nonsense. And these are signs in opposition to “yes,” on Measure B, which will keep new hotels small.

Dog leash

Dogs in Montini? No; Dog park in Montini? Yes

Monday’s City Council meeting explored the prospect of amending the management plan for the Montini Open Space Preserve, to allow leashed dogs on the narrow trail that winds from the west edge of the Vallejo State Historic Park to the First Street West border of the 98-acre property.


Minority rule and the Civil War

The roots of the Republican Party’s efforts to nullify the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) go deep into American history.

Valley Forum

Keep SDC open as shining example of care

The purpose of this column is two-fold: First, it is a fervent plea to keep the Sonoma Developmental Center (SDC) open, and second, it is a request to again allow SDC to accept new admissions.

Letter to the Editor

Those missing WMDs? Syria?

In a fit of campaign braggadocio, President Obama warned of serious consequences if Syria crossed the red line and used chemical weapons.

Letter to the Editor

It wasn’t 40, it was 536

I will keep this brief and civil. I have thought, in general, your editorials have been reasonable and objective.

Letter to the Editor

Hooker House – what’s in a name?

I was a longtime resident in Sonoma – for 21 years – and left to move to a retirement community with extended family in West Seattle in 2007.


Volunteer stars of our Valley

There is clearly something peculiar, abnormal, perhaps even mysterious about the behavior of otherwise rational people in this Valley.

Cal Focus

PUC confronts major tests

No state agency over the years has so disregarded the interests of both ordinary citizens and business owners as the state Public Utilities Commission.

Letter to the Editor

Hotel? What about Spain Street developments?

It is interesting to me that there has been all this hoopla about the proposed hotel on Napa Street, that, if allowed after several revisions, promises to be a lovely addition to Sonoma.