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Cal Focus

PUC chief: Will be first test of new Brown term

How concerned will Gov. Jerry Brown be with the well-being of ordinary Californians in the new term he’s widely expected to win next month (the latest major poll has him leading his opponent by a 54-33 percent margin)? How much will he pander to the interests of large corporations?


Opting out not as easy as it sounds

Editor, Index-Tribune: In reading the response of Sonoma Clean Power to John Fanucchi’s letter about opting out of the SCP involuntary enrollment, I was struck by how radically different perceptions and understanding can be. SCP describes the mailer we received as “attractively designed” to encourage people to open it. I perceived it as a sales… Continue Reading >>


Appreciate coverage of “Portrait’

Editor, Index-Tribune Thanks for the excellent coverage and editorial on the Portrait of Sonoma in the Sept. 26, edition, “Report paints portrait of Valley.” With our public schools as resource centers for each of their communities, and with education being the most important factor on the human development scale, I remind myself that California public… Continue Reading >>


Low-income housing in the Springs

Editor, Index-Tribune Because the county planners persist in jamming low-income housing into the Fetters/Agua Caliente area, where is any of this type of housing being planned east of Eighth Street or anywhere else in the Valley? In addition there are numerous residences which should be remodeled or condemned where there are 10 cars in the driveway… Continue Reading >>


Editorial: Behind the Valley ‘portrait’

If the Sonoma Valley were a person under psychiatric care, the diagnosis might well be some form of dissociative identity disorder, a personality split between dramatic extremes.

Valley Forum

After the aftershock

The earthquake woke us up, but as time passes, denial (or maybe it’s hope), sets in. For now, all’s quiet on the western front but in most conversations, people are saying they were terrified.


Clearing up errors about Sonoma Clean Power

I read John Fanucchi’s Sept. 23 letter to the editor (“Difficult opt-out to keep PG&E”) about Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) with great interest, as both a Sonoma resident and as Customer Service Director at SCP. I am compelled to write and correct a few errors in his letter.


Trust hospital board on CEO pay

I have read all the comments in the Index-Tribune regarding the controversial bonus paid to Sonoma Valley Hospital’s incumbent CEO, Kelly Mather.


Zinni appearance a special night

Kudos to Kathy Witkowicki and the Mentoring Alliance for a terrific speaker forum and bringing General Tony Zinni to Sonoma. I hope there are many more speakers to come.


Supply and demand – pay workers enough to live here

In response to Robert Tenenbaum’s Sept. 19 letter on the minimum wage (“Minimum wage is just wrong”), I am curious, Mr. Tenenbaum, how you expect small businesses to even have employees if the employees do not make enough to live here and thus work here?


Wage is regulated by supply and demand

In response to Celeste Winders’ posting, Celeste, very simply put, if a business doesn’t pay enough, they won’t attract workers and won’t be able to stay in business. The wage of an employee is job market-regulated by supply and demand.


Abusing pot is uncool

Marijuana abuse and its side effects are not cool. Any substance that, when taken into the living organism, modifies one or more of its functions, is a drug.


Editorial: Cars vs. bikes is about proximity

Last week the three-feet law – officially known as the Three Feet for Safety Act – went into affect all over California, requiring motorists to keep that margin of safe distance between their vehicles and the bicycles they pass on the road.

Cal Focus

Californai Focus: Bleak future for GOP in state?

It was law-breaking, both proven and alleged, that ended the Democrats’ supermajority in the state Senate. Republican efforts had nothing to do with it. Until state Sens. Roderick Wright of Los Angeles, Ron Calderon of Montebello and Leland Yee of San Francisco encountered serious legal problems, Democrats had more than two-thirds of the seats in both houses of the Legislature for almost the first time ever.

Valley Forum

Valley Forum: The Pig War and an orca fix

Pig War. Never heard of it? That’s because it was headed off by a shrewd British admiral who said, “I’m not engaging my country in war over a damn pig!” Or something like that.

Remember when: Buena Vista suitable property for hospital

Possibilities of acquiring the State Home colony building in Buena Vista as a Sonoma Valley community hospital, now that this suitable property is to be sold by the state, was the highlight feature of the regular meeting of the board of directors of the Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce, held Wednesday night. It was announced last week in the press that the state will shortly dispose of this section of the State Home institution.


Difficult opt-out to keep PG&E

The Sonoma Clean Power energy opt-out program is a farce. At a meeting in Sonoma last year, the executive director for the program informed us all that each resident would receive a letter to opt out.


The taiko war-drummers

RIP to the 2,976 Americans killed on 9/11, the 6,833 others killed in Iraq and Afghanistan on missions to avenge them; and to the 1,739,547 people of those countries who’ve paid the ultimate price for a crime they did not commit. Care, too, for millions more in the Mideast for whom our 9/11 has become their 24/7.


Editorial: Groundwater regulation – at last

Without a shot being fired or a writ being filed, California has gone through an overnight revolution that could – or at least should – rewrite the regulation of what is, in times of drought, the single greatest source of water in the state.

MANY OF SONOMA’S most prominent citizens participated in the historic pageants of the Vintage Festivals of the 1940s and ’50s. The girls on the left are Claudia Clerici and Mary Ann Sebastiani (Cuneo). In the center are the late James McTaggart (father of Ken McTaggart) and Shirley Gardner Churchill. The boys on the right are Robert and Freddie Eberhardt. Robert Lynch Collection file photo

Musings of a Sonoma son: Vintage Festival is old Sonoma

Before television and before our community calendar was filled with weekend-after-weekend of fundraising events, auctions and community parties, there was the Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival. As celebrations go, it is Sonoma’s oldest by far.