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Transcendence – Just be there

Buried in the lyrics of “Being Alive,” Stephen Sondheim’s classic from the Broadway musical “Company,” is the encrypted password to the creative riddle of the Transcendence Theatre Company, which opened its 2014 season at Jack London State Historic Park – the third in its young and meteoric life – last Friday.


At FOD, dog owners do what they please

I would like to comment on the ongoing conversation in the Index-Tribune regarding dogs and the Montini Preserve. I oversee the Sonoma Valley Field of Dreams, which is alongside the Montini Preserve.


Time for a roundabout at 121/116 intersection

I was pleased to see that the roundabout at Arnold Drive and Agua Caliente was finally dedicated to the memory of Hap Arnold. It is a fitting tribute to him and the roundabout is a marvel of engineering.


More social justice, less charity

We live in a wonderful and caring community, but I hope that some day soon we will have more social justice and less charity, for two reasons.


In defense of NASCAR

Over the years, some readers have expressed opinions ranging from baffled confusion to undisguised contempt over the space, time and attention devoted in this newspaper to coverage of motorsport activities at Sonoma Raceway, which lies just south of our fair city, on the northern shore of San Pablo Bay, and which only became unclogged with NASCAR weekend traffic late on Sunday.


Off-leash dogs are all too common in our parks

My bone fides first: dachshunds (2), mutt, English pointer, vizsla, corgies (3), great Pyrenees (2 plus litter of 10). These have been the dogs in my long life. And they have brought great joy, comfort and delight.


Trees, sidewalk damage – who owns, who pays?

Ruthmary Thomas is not the only one who is perplexed by the city’s rules on trees and sidewalks (Letter to the editor, June 13, “Not our tree, not our sidewalk; why should we pay?”). On the one hand, you are not allowed to remove a tree in the parking strip, even though it is damaging the sidewalk and curb. On the other hand, when the damage continues and is a clear danger, you are responsible for replacement, which can amount to thousands of dollars.


John Muir took his dog into wilderness

Dogs should be allowed to walk in the Montini Preserve. First off, they have earned it. For instance, who can deny their remarkable service to military and police organizations where many dogs have given their lives to save others?


A better water bill

For the past year – and beyond – public dialogue in the Delta has been drowning in a flood of competing claims, studies, plans, proposals and promises for resolving California’s increasingly desperate water problems, with much of the hope hinging on a horrendously expensive, scientifically suspect document called the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, or just BDCP.


Op-Ed: Dogs in Montini will disturb and alter nature

By Fred Allebach The City of Sonoma is proposing to amend the Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District Management Plan for the Montini Preserve to allow leashed dogs. According to the city’s own biological review, the impact of dogs on the preserve’s wildlife and habitat will be wide-ranging and significant. Two good reasons to oppose… Continue Reading >>


Leashed dogs will negatively impact Montini Preserve

Editor, Index-Tribune: The Sonoma City Council recently commissioned a biological assessment to inform their decision on whether to pursue permitting leashed dogs in the Montini Preserve. The Sonoma Overlook Trail has had a dog-free policy since its inception, as does the adjacent Sonoma State Historic Park, Mountain Cemetery and Field of Dreams. We are concerned… Continue Reading >>


Farmers market makes a difference in my life

Editor, Index-Tribune: Last Tuesday, I attended the farmers market on the Plaza and just enjoyed myself thoroughly. My husband and I walked around to our favorite vendors; he chose granola and humus and I found the freshest salad fixings and fruits. We set up our chairs under the palm tree, saw our friends, bought dinner… Continue Reading >>


Show them no mercy

Editor, Index-Tribune: An extreme case of too little wine in too tall a glass has captivated restaurant marketing geniuses. Wine glasses are bigger by an inch, wine has shrunk to 4 ounces from 6 ounces, and the price has increased by $2. What a great combination of marketing strategies – bigger and smaller for more… Continue Reading >>


Background checks and permits for all gun owners

Editor, Index-Tribune:   I am writing this letter on behalf of my grandson, Hunter Pedersen. Hunter was a beautiful, 10-year-old little boy whose life was cut short from a lack of gun safety. I know there are many more families dealing with the pain of losing their children to senseless tragedies involving guns. Yes, the… Continue Reading >>


Solomon’s great contribution to Vineyard Workers Services

Editor, Index-Tribune: Our most sincere condolences to the family of Cynthia Solomon. Thank you for the great contribution that Ms. Solomon made to Vineyard Workers Services, now a program of La Luz Center. MaryKarmen Reyes Larios Coordinator of Educational Programs, Family Advocate La Luz Center Sonoma Valley

Dog leash

A real dog park priority

This may be how wars start. Over dogs. The great irony, of course, is that most of us profess to love our canine companions, and many of us would agree there aren’t enough places in this increasingly compacted world to let them run free. Or even, it seems, on a leash. And so it comes… Continue Reading >>


Op-Ed: ‘Untruths’ versus ‘facts’ about dogs in Montini

By Bob Edwards Lisa Summers’ letter of June 13, opposing dogs in the Montini Preserve, contained many untruths. Here are the facts: Being a preserve does not “bind Montini to an elevated level of protection.” As with all conserved open space, its conservation easement simply requires safeguarding its identified conservation values. Montini is not Jurassic… Continue Reading >>

Valley Forum

Valley forum: A 110-day road trip across America – Why?

(Editor’s note: This is the first of a random series of blog reports from Bill and Lori Hutchinson, a well-known Sonoma couple embarked on 110-day, cross country, blue-highway odyssey. We thought their insightful observations about America on-the-road would interest local readers.) By Bill Hutchinson Two reasons. First, we both love adventure, seeing new places, meeting… Continue Reading >>


Dogs in Montini won’t be kept on-leash

Editor, Index-Tribune: I want to thank Lisa Summers for a well-informed Op-Ed piece on June 13. As a Montini Preserve volunteer, it has been great to see the removal of trash and litter and the establishment of well-thought-out trails. I look forward to this special place being open to the public, but as a volunteer… Continue Reading >>


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