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Editorial: Yes on SRJC’s Measure H

Many Sonoma Valley residents and graduates of Sonoma Valley High School have benefited from attending Santa Rosa Junior College. In fact, so successful has the nearly 100-year-old SRJC been in attracting Sonoma County students, its buildings, some of which are way past their prime, are bulging at the seams with overcrowding.

Valley Forum

Valley Forum: In protest of higher water rates

After reading the city’s 2014 Water Rate Study, I must again call on Sonoma’s water service customers to join me in protesting against the proposed higher water rates. I strongly objected to these in 2012 and the City Council voted not to implement the increases then.


Op Ed: Support the living wage law

According to a recent statement by Phineas Worthington (“Living wage law hurts workers, Oct. 21) the minimum wage law hurts the very people it was intended to help. He also puts an insulting label (“elitist mob”) on the folks who support the living wage law.


Clean Power opt-out is easy

I have heard several comments about the Sonoma Clean Power opt-out problems via telephone. I am not a computer expert but decided to try another approach. I went on their website and found that opting out of SCP was easy.


October is Endow SV Month

Banners are up around the Plaza again this year reminding everyone that October is Endow Sonoma Valley Month.


Loss of faith over leaf blower flip-flop

For years I supported Ken Brown for the City Council – including placement of his campaign signs in my front yard. This year I have a different sign indicating we should “blow out” Ken Brown – primarily due to his questionable decision-making criteria.


Editorial: Who responds when you call 911?

When you have an emergency and call 911, you’re not concerned about which fire or rescue squad responds, as long help arrives quickly and saves you, your loved ones and your home.


Living wage law hurts workers

Kudos to Mr. Piazza for investing his precious free time standing up to the elitist living wage mob (“Fireworks at living wage forum,” Oct. 17).


Supports Dodd for Assembly

Sonoma and Napa have long shared a friendly rivalry over our wine and tourism industries. Though our two regions may see each other as competitors, we have much more in common with shared roots in agriculture that are critical to our economic prosperity.


Editorial: Edwards, Brown, Hundley for Sonoma City Council

On Nov. 4, voters will elect three people to represent them on the Sonoma City Council. Incumbents Tom Rouse and Steve Barbose are leaving the council when their terms expire, while incumbent Ken Brown is running for re-election.

Musings of a Sonoma son: 50th anniversary of Springs fire

In the fall of 1964, a wind-blown spark from a power line ignited some tinder-dry brush on Nelligan Road between Glen Ellen and Kenwood. Then hot Santa-Ana type winds caused that little spark to explode into a raging brush, timber and grass fire that consumed 19 homes and 10,000 acres from Glen Ellen to Boyes Hot Springs over the next two days.


Wake up Sonoma

Commissioner Robert Felder, who opposed the three-story element of the hotel, said, “Don’t try too hard to bring the big city to Sonoma. It still has a different feel than San Francisco.”


A heartfelt thank you

Kudos to Nicholas Greben for his lovely letter to the editor about Sue Holman and Susan Weeks. Their selfless dedication to Meals on Wheels and the clients knows no bounds.


Proposition 45: The dollars speak to the issue

We have been Kaiser Health Plan members for over 30 years. We are pleased with their healthcare, but extremely displeased with their premium increases. Letters to the company and CEO proved futile. We‘ve “downsized” the plan several times to make it “more affordable” with higher co-pays and deductibles, finally taking the most minimum plan offered.


Hope next editor is passionate

Sad is the way I feel when I read recent issues of the Index-Tribune. If I had one wish it would be that David Bolling was still the editor. If I can’t have that wish, my next wish is that someone who is equally as eloquent and articulate, as community involved and aware, and as passionate about his or her responsibilities as editor fills the position.


Editorial: Valley’s biggest challenge

If you live in Sonoma Valley your voice can be heard. If you care enough to write a letter (to the editor, or to a local representative), your opinion will have reach. Allies may come forth to join you. On most local boards, including Sonoma’s City Council, you only need to convince three representatives to vote your way.


Hanna Boys Center a fantastic community member

We’re writing to express our heartfelt gratitude and to acknowledge what a fantastic community member Hanna Boys Center truly is. Though rather unassuming, Hanna Boys Center quietly returns young people to the fullest expressions of their true selves.


Stop stealing signs

I agree with Jackie Lee, please stop stealing signs! I have replaced my signs for Cameron Stuckey, twice now. Indeed it is cost prohibitive to keep replacing them!