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Leashed dogs will negatively impact Montini Preserve

Editor, Index-Tribune: The Sonoma City Council recently commissioned a biological assessment to inform their decision on whether to pursue permitting leashed dogs in the Montini Preserve. The Sonoma Overlook Trail has had a dog-free policy since its inception, as does the adjacent Sonoma State Historic Park, Mountain Cemetery and Field of Dreams. We are concerned… Continue Reading >>


Farmers market makes a difference in my life

Editor, Index-Tribune: Last Tuesday, I attended the farmers market on the Plaza and just enjoyed myself thoroughly. My husband and I walked around to our favorite vendors; he chose granola and humus and I found the freshest salad fixings and fruits. We set up our chairs under the palm tree, saw our friends, bought dinner… Continue Reading >>


Show them no mercy

Editor, Index-Tribune: An extreme case of too little wine in too tall a glass has captivated restaurant marketing geniuses. Wine glasses are bigger by an inch, wine has shrunk to 4 ounces from 6 ounces, and the price has increased by $2. What a great combination of marketing strategies – bigger and smaller for more… Continue Reading >>


Background checks and permits for all gun owners

Editor, Index-Tribune:   I am writing this letter on behalf of my grandson, Hunter Pedersen. Hunter was a beautiful, 10-year-old little boy whose life was cut short from a lack of gun safety. I know there are many more families dealing with the pain of losing their children to senseless tragedies involving guns. Yes, the… Continue Reading >>


Solomon’s great contribution to Vineyard Workers Services

Editor, Index-Tribune: Our most sincere condolences to the family of Cynthia Solomon. Thank you for the great contribution that Ms. Solomon made to Vineyard Workers Services, now a program of La Luz Center. MaryKarmen Reyes Larios Coordinator of Educational Programs, Family Advocate La Luz Center Sonoma Valley

Dog leash

A real dog park priority

This may be how wars start. Over dogs. The great irony, of course, is that most of us profess to love our canine companions, and many of us would agree there aren’t enough places in this increasingly compacted world to let them run free. Or even, it seems, on a leash. And so it comes… Continue Reading >>


Op-Ed: ‘Untruths’ versus ‘facts’ about dogs in Montini

By Bob Edwards Lisa Summers’ letter of June 13, opposing dogs in the Montini Preserve, contained many untruths. Here are the facts: Being a preserve does not “bind Montini to an elevated level of protection.” As with all conserved open space, its conservation easement simply requires safeguarding its identified conservation values. Montini is not Jurassic… Continue Reading >>

Valley Forum

Valley forum: A 110-day road trip across America – Why?

(Editor’s note: This is the first of a random series of blog reports from Bill and Lori Hutchinson, a well-known Sonoma couple embarked on 110-day, cross country, blue-highway odyssey. We thought their insightful observations about America on-the-road would interest local readers.) By Bill Hutchinson Two reasons. First, we both love adventure, seeing new places, meeting… Continue Reading >>


Dogs in Montini won’t be kept on-leash

Editor, Index-Tribune: I want to thank Lisa Summers for a well-informed Op-Ed piece on June 13. As a Montini Preserve volunteer, it has been great to see the removal of trash and litter and the establishment of well-thought-out trails. I look forward to this special place being open to the public, but as a volunteer… Continue Reading >>


Dogs aren’t the problem

Editor, Index-Tribune: Lisa Summers takes hundreds of words, a full Op-Ed column and a half, to say that dogs have impacts on nature and wildlife, and therefore should be kept off the Montini Preserve. However, it’s humans who have impacted, affected and profoundly changed nature to the degree that we have created global warming and… Continue Reading >>


Misprint on Award from Republican women

Editor, Index-Tribune: The Sonoma Valley Republican Women Federated Club has sponsored an essay contest for Sonoma Valley High School Seniors since 2005. We have been proud of the students who were selected as winning writers, and always appreciated the accurate caption under the photos published in the graduating seniors section of the Index-Tribune every year.… Continue Reading >>


Wrong caption for Republican Women award

Editor, Index-Tribune: We Republicans get very little positive press in our small town. However, we are still proud to be Republicans. All of our efforts go towards giving back to the community: donating age-appropriate patriotic books to all of the local school libraries; inviting and sponsoring local high school students to attend Advocacy Day in… Continue Reading >>

Drake's Bay oysters. Internet photo

One last Lunny long shot

Amazingly, you can still buy Drake’s Bay oysters. That’s because the oyster war continues to unfold on the Pt. Reyes Peninsula, where Kevin and Nancy Lunny – with family roots deep in Sonoma – have been driven to the brink in their stubborn efforts to continue farming shellfish. The Lunnys are still in business, but… Continue Reading >>


Op-Ed : No dogs in Montini – it’s a preserve

By Lisa Summers Sonoma is blessed with miles of scenic, even iconic, rural roads, most of them suitable for dog walking. In addition, the Sonoma County Regional Park, Bartholomew Park, Maxwell Park, and the SDC all offer trails that are open to leashed animals. We have a beautiful and extensive bike path. We have a… Continue Reading >>

Valley Forum

Valley forum: Our responsibility to protect geothermal energy

By Rep. Mike Thompson Geothermal is one of California’s greatest resources – a natural bounty of renewable energy in our own backyard. It is a renewable resource that has been developed and sustained for half a century. We need to make sure our regulatory system and contracting practices do not put this valuable and unique… Continue Reading >>


Also-ran is polite term for loser

The dictionary app on my phone has a word of the day. Today, it’s “also-ran.” What a way to start the day. The app might as well have offered up “existential crisis” or “loser” instead of playing cute with the sports vernacular. Ever since HAL in “2001: A Space Odyssey,” there’s been a pervasive notion… Continue Reading >>


Gaps of disrepair – does anyone care?

Editor, Index-Tribune: I know I am not the only one thrilled with the new turn arrow onto Broadway at Napa and Leveroni Roads. It was a long time coming and I am grateful. But, as others have expressed, I was a little disappointed that Caltrans did not smooth out the entrance lanes to Napa Road,… Continue Reading >>


Lions golf tourney thanks sponsors

Editor, Index-Tribune: On June 2, the Valley of the Moon Lions Club held its 27th annual Golf Tournament. This event was successful and we had 104 golfers join us at beautiful Sonoma Golf Course. Afterward, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner on the back patio at the Swiss Hotel. Kyle Johnson and Sammy, of SGC, made… Continue Reading >>


Land Trust trousers for pants-less levies?

Editor, Index-Tribune: The June 10 article about restoring Sears Point wetlands says, “the Land Trust will breech the levees to San Pablo Bay” and “the two breeches will be about 300 feet wide.” Since to breach is to make a gap in; to break through (“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more” –… Continue Reading >>


Not our tree, not our sidewalk; why should we pay?

Editor, Index-Tribune: The anger at AT&T (for suing the city to get a cellphone tower on Lovall Valley Road), and the cries against the government for taking away the rights of people and cities (through provisions in the telecommunications act giving AT&T what they want), are expected. But I think I missed something. Our Sonoma-based… Continue Reading >>


50 names of forgotten overseas service dead will be remembered

Editor, Index-Tribune: I would like to thank the representatives of newspapers who at least took the time to run my letter asking for information about American soldiers buried in cemeteries overseas or, at the most, spent time talking to me to get an interview. I have been contacted by so many people from around the… Continue Reading >>


Creekside school recognized in I-T

Editor, Index-Tribune: I need to say a very sincere thank you for the Sonoma Index-Tribune’s support of Creekside High School this year. Stories about the projects, the performance tasks and the events, from fracking to Thanksgiving to Sonomawood, have shown our students that they are a treasured part of this community. Thanks also for prioritizing… Continue Reading >>


We hope to hear from you soon

From time to time we find it useful to explain to our readers the protocols required to have their submissions appear in print. But before reviewing the rules, let’s talk about the reality of the relationship between this newspaper and those who read it, many of whom have been doing so for decades. In a… Continue Reading >>

Cal Focus

Cal-Focus: Kashkari brings GOP back from brink

By Thomas D. Elias No candidate campaigned harder this spring that Neel Kashkari, the former federal Treasury Department official and ex-Goldman Sachs executive who just become the first Asian-American ever nominated to for governor of California. He was someplace every day. His campaign issued a seemingly non-stop barrage of press releases. He willingly met with… Continue Reading >>


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