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Quotations for myself

I’m a fan of quotations, aphorisms, epigrams and one-liners. If it can be said with brevity and wit, I’m game to hear it.

Cal Focus: State’s economy looking up, despite ‘declinists’

For most of the last five years, the pessimists Gov. Jerry Brown likes to call “declinists” were out in force, shouting to everyone who would listen that California’s best days are behind it, that Texas is the place to go. Some of them even profited from such moves, working as business relocation consultants.

Time to shut down Safeway driveway?

Last week, I saw yet another major accident on Fifth Street West near Safeway – a motorcyclist heading north, struck by a car turning into the Safeway parking lot.

Leaf suckers versus leaf blowers

In all the back and forth on Sonoma’s taking (or not taking) action on leaf blowers, something that no one has mentioned in the “rake or blow” arguments is this one fact: A leaf blower dosen’t do away with leaves and grass.

An assignation for an assassination?

The caption for the photo of Ruth Paine speaking at the Historical Society meeting Sept. 13, reads, in part, “Ruth Paine displays a photo taken in her kitchen the morning after President Kennedy’s assignation … ”

Is U.S. poisoning Earth with uranium oxides?

Editor, Index-Tribune: President Obama is asking us to support a military attack against Syria because he believes the Syrian government has violated an “international norm” against using chemical weapons. The United States military is poisoning huge regions of the world by using uranium munitions (depleted uranium), creating tons of breathable uranium oxides that are toxic… Continue Reading >>

Plaza towns at tipping point?

Recent statistics in the press have shown slow residential population growth in Sonoma County, at least relative to the booming pre-recession years.

Another leaf blower view

Regarding the Sonoma City Council’s recent “hearing” on the issue of leaf blowers, here’s an analogy to think about, similar to the idea that it is not the pit bull dog that is a problem, it is the owner.

Leaf blowers

The current brouhaha over alleged excessive noise from subject lawn implements is overblown.

‘Grate collection’

Editor, Index-Tribune: If you are one of those who are into “KITCH-N-STUFF,” you will love the new show at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art. Kathleen’s collection is “grate!” John Brians Sonoma

money prison

Editorial: No more musical beds

On Tuesday, we commented here on the ongoing overcrowding crisis in California prisons and concluded that our prison system is failing. That failure is cast in sharp relief by the demand from federal court judges that the population in the state’s prison cells be further reduced to a level of about 110,000 prisoners. That level,… Continue Reading >>

Op-Ed: How schools succeed

Index-Tribune editor David Bolling accurately points out in his Sept. 6 editorial, “El Verano, the school with the lowest API score, has the highest percentage of both economically disadvantaged and English-language learner students” and he is absolutely correct in stating that, as a district and as a community, we must address the demographic profiles of our school populations, which is challenging work.


Old typewriters covered in leaves

As a writer, I’m subject to certain aesthetic ticks. Fortunately, the monocle and sword-cane phase didn’t last past adolescence. But others remain, such as my allegiance to the brass tacks styling of Portage brand reporter’s notebooks and ink black blazers. Unlike some of my colleagues, however, I don’t fetishize vintage typewriters – a phrase that,… Continue Reading >>

As prisons fail, put money into positive solutions

Editor, Index-Tribune: Thank you for that most insightful editorial on our current prison system (“Prison system is failing,” Sept. 10). It is one giant hole, that just keeps expanding and the public needs to know the full costs. Just one thing to remember here – privatizing the prison industry is big business and therefore fraught… Continue Reading >>

I’ll take blowers and clean Sonoma

Editor, Index-Tribune: This is to the moaners, groaners, complainers, whiners, and you people, you know who you are. So you want a trashy city and quiet. Well get your group together, booms, rakes, bags, to fill trash and other debris, collect at the Plaza or elsewhere. In place of blowers, do it yourself a couple… Continue Reading >>

We are broke

Editor, Index-Tribune: We are broke when it comes to Social Security. We are broke when it comes to Medicare. We are broke when it come to Obamacare. We are broke when it comes to welfare. We are broke when it comes to unemployment insurance. We are broke when it comes to aid for Hurricane Sandy… Continue Reading >>

Plaza towns at tipping point?

Recent statistics in the press have shown slow residential population growth in Sonoma County, at least relative to the booming pre-recession years.


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