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We like dogs, not irresponsible owners

Editor, Index-Tribune I have been closely following the issues concerning dogs on the Montini Preserve. Up until now, I have been reluctant to share any of my wife’s or my experiences with unleashed dogs. Yesterday, however, we experienced a situation that we still find hard to believe. We were walking along a paved road when… Continue Reading >>


A society of slaves?

Editor, Index-Tribune: Poverty is manufactured in America. We make our world what it is. We build the guns, the boats, the planes and the trains. We create the poor. Did we abolish slavery, or just become more subtle in the implementation? Share croppers owed their lives to the company store. The economy today has cut… Continue Reading >>


Let’s start Stompers ticket fund for kids

Editor, Index-Tribune What a wonderful feel Sonoma had on July 1. The smell of food, and the music blending at Tuesday Night farmers market. The crack of the bat and snap of a glove at Sonoma’s very first Stompers game. It was like one giant festival. Yet there was one incident that melted all that… Continue Reading >>


Oohs and aahs over walking floats

Editor, Index-Tribune While the July 4 wind did not cooperate with the Community Center’s delightful pinwheels, the walking float set an example of what SCC meant when it urged us (in print here in the Index-Tribune) to dump the boring car show for the creativity and fun of homemade floats we made and oohed and… Continue Reading >>


SDC update

There is good news, bad news and no news concerning the fate of the Sonoma Developmental Center and the remaining 439 residents of the bucolic, 1,000-acre Glen Ellen campus now in the center of a policy debate over how, where and when to move the majority into small, mainstreamed community facilities.


Coast-to-coast in a rolling closet

People have asked us, “So, are you driving an RV, pulling an Air Stream or driving a big tour bus? ”We respond, “No, we are driving our Ford Escape and using it as our rolling closet.”


A Norman Rockwell moment

It is hard to believe you could go to an event in Sonoma that actually cost less than $5 at the gate. Growing up in Upstate New York, our family of seven boys and one girl was immersed in baseball our entire childhood summers.


July 4 gridlock OK, Raceway gridlock not?

I am surprised that, by Marilyn Goode’s logic in her July 4 Valley Forum opinion (“Sonoma Raceway – noise, air and light pollution”) – in which she states, “If you are concerned about the increased traffic and gridlock in and out of our Valley, or the eventual need of more roads and freeways, you may wish to weigh the value of more traffic over clean air, less noise and peace and quiet.”


Perspective, kindness for Montini dogs

Our country is on the verge of war, the planet itself is in trouble, 50,000 children have crossed our border, and we are yelling, with stunning rage, about DOGS.


Transcendence – Just be there

Buried in the lyrics of “Being Alive,” Stephen Sondheim’s classic from the Broadway musical “Company,” is the encrypted password to the creative riddle of the Transcendence Theatre Company, which opened its 2014 season at Jack London State Historic Park – the third in its young and meteoric life – last Friday.


At FOD, dog owners do what they please

I would like to comment on the ongoing conversation in the Index-Tribune regarding dogs and the Montini Preserve. I oversee the Sonoma Valley Field of Dreams, which is alongside the Montini Preserve.


Time for a roundabout at 121/116 intersection

I was pleased to see that the roundabout at Arnold Drive and Agua Caliente was finally dedicated to the memory of Hap Arnold. It is a fitting tribute to him and the roundabout is a marvel of engineering.


More social justice, less charity

We live in a wonderful and caring community, but I hope that some day soon we will have more social justice and less charity, for two reasons.


In defense of NASCAR

Over the years, some readers have expressed opinions ranging from baffled confusion to undisguised contempt over the space, time and attention devoted in this newspaper to coverage of motorsport activities at Sonoma Raceway, which lies just south of our fair city, on the northern shore of San Pablo Bay, and which only became unclogged with NASCAR weekend traffic late on Sunday.


Off-leash dogs are all too common in our parks

My bone fides first: dachshunds (2), mutt, English pointer, vizsla, corgies (3), great Pyrenees (2 plus litter of 10). These have been the dogs in my long life. And they have brought great joy, comfort and delight.


Trees, sidewalk damage – who owns, who pays?

Ruthmary Thomas is not the only one who is perplexed by the city’s rules on trees and sidewalks (Letter to the editor, June 13, “Not our tree, not our sidewalk; why should we pay?”). On the one hand, you are not allowed to remove a tree in the parking strip, even though it is damaging the sidewalk and curb. On the other hand, when the damage continues and is a clear danger, you are responsible for replacement, which can amount to thousands of dollars.


John Muir took his dog into wilderness

Dogs should be allowed to walk in the Montini Preserve. First off, they have earned it. For instance, who can deny their remarkable service to military and police organizations where many dogs have given their lives to save others?


A better water bill

For the past year – and beyond – public dialogue in the Delta has been drowning in a flood of competing claims, studies, plans, proposals and promises for resolving California’s increasingly desperate water problems, with much of the hope hinging on a horrendously expensive, scientifically suspect document called the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, or just BDCP.


Op-Ed: Dogs in Montini will disturb and alter nature

By Fred Allebach The City of Sonoma is proposing to amend the Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District Management Plan for the Montini Preserve to allow leashed dogs. According to the city’s own biological review, the impact of dogs on the preserve’s wildlife and habitat will be wide-ranging and significant. Two good reasons to oppose… Continue Reading >>


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