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Editorial: Who should be Mr. or Ms. Sonoma?

As the City of Sonoma once again seeks nominations from local residents for the 2015 Honorary Alcalde, my memory goes back to the first person ever named to that honor in 1975, August Pinelli. To most residents he was truly “Mr. Sonoma.”

Valley Forum

Valley Forum: Shelter hosts needed in Sonoma

Sonoma Severe Weather Shelter, which was founded last year in response to the extremely cold weather that hit Sonoma Valley in December, has again committed to providing a safe, warm, dry shelter for the homeless during the winter months.


Don’t send troops to war

Here it is Veteran’s Day and I’m trying to wrap my arms and my heart around the idea of supporting our troops.


Join Friends of Library

The Sonoma Valley Library’s Nov. 1, 2014 celebration of the Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos 2014 was delightful.


Worst noise pollution since Rush Limbaugh

Yes, please! Pass a leaf blower ban. I cannot agree more with the letter in your Friday issue asking the Sonoma City Council to reconsider a ban on leaf blowers in the city.

Valley Forum

Valley forum: Fears for future of Sonoma Developmental Center

Generations of Sonoma Valley residents have been dedicated employees who have performed excellent work at Sonoma Developmental Center (SDC) yet because of one bad-apple employee, and the indifference of legislators, SDC’s future seems bleak.


Editorial: Good news at our hospital

In an era when tight budgets bring more grim news than good, there is a lot to be thankful for at Sonoma Valley Hospital, which has become one of the best in the country.


Panetta’s yes and no to torture

So, former CIA director Leon Panetta, says “yes” and “no” to torture. A position even an accomplished yogi would find difficult: keeping one’s head within inches of one’s rear while still standing.


Proud to be independent

Again, good having you back on the editorial desk! I agree, the majority of the time, with your editorials – no doubt this is because we are both native born Sonomans and are rooted.


Editorial: Good-hearted folks in our town

I received a letter to the editor recently from local resident, Billie Dumas, who told of her experience at a local market where she was in the process of checking out with her groceries when she discovered her check wouldn’t take.


Two sides to every story

While I have not always agreed with some of the decisions made by the hospital’s management and/or board, I must say I was shocked by the Valley Forum column describing fear mongering at the hospital.


No one works harder than Edwards

I’ve known Gary Edwards for the past 20 years. No one has worked harder for the city and Valley residents to improve the quality of life for us all.


Clean Energy should clean up its act

This is a response to Joanna Ramey, Customer Service Director for the County Clean power program. When I called to opt out, I asked the customer service representative (Rich), if there would be additional notices sent to all PGE customers. He informed me the advertising-looking notice is all I would receive.


Nonprofits easy targets for fraud

After reading about the arrest of the former finance director of the Sonoma Valley Boys and Girls Club for embezzlement in the paper today, I recalled this happened to the club before. According to the archives of the Index-Tribune, in 1998, $100,000 was embezzled from the club.


Op Ed: Sonoma posts FAQ on water rates

Editor’s note: The City of Sonoma recently released a report with its answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding proposed water rate hikes. Below is an edited and condensed summary of that report:


Party of the people

Voters who won’t vote Democratic because they dislike or are disappointed in President Obama, are like those folks who cut off their nose to spite their face.


What Capt. Kirk would say

$15 an hour is not rational, Phineas Worthington says. He reminds me of a cold Spock or Data on Star Trek: “… but that is not logical”… “I am not programmed to feel emotion…”. This appeal to pure reason is laughable, on Star Trek and in the I-T; it’s obviously such a limited frame.


Ken Brown has earned another term

Ken Brown has served the community of Sonoma with distinction in his career as a city council member. He has been the critical third vote on many key decisions regarding living wage, affordable housing and quality of life issues for Sonoma.

Cal Focus

California Focus: Props. 45, 48: two obvious ‘yes’ votes

It’s almost a foregone conclusion that the Proposition 1 water bond on next month’s ballot will pass easily: Every poll shows it with almost a 2-1 lead heading into the vote and the opposition has virtually no money for television commercials.