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Town square is for people to use

Regarding the Aug. 29 editorial about the CSEC’s proposed new Plaza rules (“CSEC Plaza policy is misguided”), your characterization of a “left turn” is right. This is what happens when liberals take over. They lock down property and keep everyone off in the name of “preservation.”


Deets Winslow also missed at SDC

In reading all the items about Deets Winslow, nowhere did I see mention of his full-time job as one of the dedicated psych techs at the Sonoma Developmental Center. The mourners at the memorial service included many of his fellow employees. His influence was wider than being a great coach. He is missed.


Editorial: CSEC Plaza policy is misguided

The Sonoma Plaza is considered by many to be hallowed ground, consecrated in the minds of many citizens by the generations of residents and visitors who have found peace and pleasure in its leafy eight acres, never mind that no one is known to be buried there and no ecclesiastical authority has ever, to anyone’s knowledge, bestowed an official blessing.

Valley Forum

Valley Forum: Pompey’s Pillar

Where would we be without Thomas Jefferson? He foxed Napoleon out of what was then called Louisiana and thereby doubled the landmass of our young republic at a stroke, adding the entire watershed of the Mississippi and the Missouri Rivers all the way to the Continental Divide.


Why do we have zero periods?

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that classes shouldn’t start before 8:30 a.m. Why do our middle and high schools have “zero” periods with start times of 7:45 a.m. for middle school, and 7 a.m. for high school?


Cultural dissonance in a drought

thought the Aug. 19 editorial (“Water bond just a step”) was well done and informative. I agree it’s “nuts” for well and groundwater use not to be monitored, or to relegate it to a voluntary choice.


Needs help finding hit-and-run suspect

I’m writing for help. My daughter was at her place of employment on the afternoon of Aug. 26, when they got a knock on the door. The neighbor had come to say that they just witnessed my daughter’s car get hit by a hit-and-run driver.

Cal Focus

California Focus: Time for utility execs to worry

Executives of California’s large, privately owned utility companies don’t usually have to worry about much, what with virtual monopolies, guaranteed profits, regular shareholder dividends and large personal salaries.

Valley Forum

Valley Forum: Proposed Plaza policy would harm film festival

I recently sent the following letter to the Sonoma City Council regarding new regulations being proposed by the subcommittee of the Community Services and Environment Commission. It appears the subcommittee is doing everything possible to discourage event organizers, including the Sonoma International Film Festival, from maintaining a world-class film festival and other popular community events on the Sonoma Plaza.


High praise for the Lodge

This letter was sent to Suzy Hart, general manager of The Lodge at Sonoma, following the wonderful service we received there for the wedding reported in the Index-Tribune:


Beautiful lawns, what drought?

I was very depressed on seeing the Aug. 22 front-page photo of the cracked mud which is what remains of the reservoir up at the Sonoma Developmental Center. I recently saw the same conditions at Lake Shasta, almost completely dry.


Editorial: Stage II water crisis

On Monday, the Sonoma City Council officially adopted the Stage II, mandatory water conservation measures dictated by the Water Resources Control Board’s July 15 emergency regulation.


Musings: Jack London State Park’s Transcendent survival

While Dottie and I sat under the stars at Jack London State Park recently, enjoying the incredibly talented and effervescent cast of the Transcendence Theater Company perform song and dance numbers from our favorite (and in some cases, our parents’ favorite) Broadway musicals, I recalled my first ever visit to what was then Jack London’s Beauty Ranch, years before it became a state park.


The truth about Hooker’s hookers?

All you need to know about Gen. Hooker will be explained on Sept. 4 at 6 p.m. at the League for Historic Preservation’s Maysonnave House, 291 First St. E.


Are we too far gone?

If a stable global economy and world peace are the objectives, we are going to have to try a different approach. If the United Nations votes that world leaders attend anger management classes, would they be willing to go? Would they be more comfortable if we changed the name from anger management to Cool School?


Osama bin Laden won?

Apropos of the dust-up in Ferguson, Missouri, some interesting data was obtained by the New York Times via a Freedom of Information Act request and posted on HitHub.


Editorial: Water bond is just a step

There is no reliable evidence that Mark Twain ever said it, but the over-used cliché attributed to him has become ever more relevant since Twain graced California in the 1860s. “Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting,” and, it should be added, The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, is the perennial battleground.